More bad news for Woodson?

I’m angrier than an X user who has been put into read-only mode for a week over the fact that Myron Woodson, the scumbag Missouri cop who, in everyone’s opinion, mercilessly slaughtered a 13-pound deaf and blind dog.  Yup, he, in my opinion, is a doggie killer.  I’m also enraged because the city of Sturgeon has yet to fire him.  He is on leave, with pay, meaning he’s being rewarded for murdering  a harmless dog.

The hits keep on coming.  The city, or so it claims, has retained a third-party investigator to look into the whole matter.  As can be expected, the city is not disclosing who the third party is, meaning it’s going to be a good ol’ boy situation.

The city will continue to sit on information about Woodson and the case.  Too bad I’ve already disclosed his home address, which includes a picture of his home.  You can find that in a previous article that I’ve written and linked to.  Oh, hell, here it is:

“Myron’s home address is out there for all to see.  Public records indicate that Myron doesn’t own the property where he resides.  His wife does.  How pathetic is that?  Anyway, here it is, right from public records!  And they even give us a photo!  Missouri makes it real easy!  And, of course, with the internet being the internet, there’s more!”

Let’s face it: he’s not going to get fired.  He’s sitting back at his wife’s house (he’s not man enough to own the home!), a house that I’ve exposed for all to see, laughing about all of this.  He’s also getting paid to murder an innocent dog.  This tells you what kind of city Sturgeon is.

We already know what kind of a man Woodson is and, if anyone has gone over to his house based on the information that I’ve provided, is hopefully hiding in fear.

Hopefully, the third party brings bad news for Woodson, but let’s face it.  They’ll stand firmly on the side of a man who gets off on slaughtering harmless, innocent dogs.

I can only hope that something will happen to his fat cow of a wife.  I don’t mean anyone threatening or harming her.  Don’t do that.  I mean, being killed in a car collision, having a heart attack (a heart that can’t support her weight!), things like that.  Then we’ll see how he feels.


There’s an update to this story.  Read it!