Myron Woodson: An update

I’m angrier than a cop who just found that his favorite Dunkin’ location has been closed down over the fact that Myron Woodson, a cowardly cop out of Missouri, hasn’t been put in prison yet.  Last week, I told you about the loser who basically murdered an innocent dog.  You’ll probably want to read that article first so that you can fully understand the gravity of this situation.

Well, Woodson may not be in prison, but is being sued.  This being America, that sure didn’t take long.  Indeed, a lawsuit against the city of Sturgeon and Woodson himself has been filed.  But not just any lawsuit.  They literally made a federal case out of it!  Good on them!  He deserves nothing less.  Based on what I’ve found out about him, though, they likely won’t get a penny out of him.  He doesn’t even own his own home.  His two-ton wife does, and that’s just pathetic.

The lawsuit raises a lot of good points, one of them being the accusation that the city is liable for Woodson’s actions in his official capacity as a police officer, the other being the position that the dog’s owner’s Fourth Amendment rights were trampled on by a cop who apparently has a bloodlust for killing innocent animals that pose no threat to him.

The 28-page lawsuit lays it bare: Woodson had no right to kill that poor pooch.  The lawsuit tells us what we already know: a cowardly and anonymous neighbor saw little Teddy in her backyard and rather than return Teddy to his owner, she clearly and mercilessly called the police having, I believe, full knowledge that this would happen.

It’s because of her, I allege, that he’s dead and I’ve filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get her name and address so that she can be held accountable for her role in the dog’s murder.  It’s my belief that she’s just as culpable as Woodson.

Woodson shot Teddy “at point blank range,” the lawsuit claims.  It goes on to say that Teddy did nothing to threaten Woodson and did not do anything to reasonably make the scumbag cop fearful for his safety.

Now, I don’t know how good the owner’s lawyer is.  What serious attorney uses a Gmail address to conduct business?  Not a good one, in my opinion.  But I guess the owner took what he could get.

It’ll  be interesting to see how this all plays out.  One thing that’s for sure is that tonight, the city council is meeting to discuss Woodson’s future with the police department.  If they do the right thing, they’ll fire him outright and, eventually, he should be brought up on criminal charges and put in prison, where he belongs for the rest of his murderous, in my opinion, life.

Here is another update.