Myron Woodson: Dog Murderer?

I’m angrier than an AT&T Wireless customer whose service went down for the second time in a month.  People who harm or kill animals always enrage me.  Those sorts of people, in my opinion, deserve to be put into prison for life with no parole.

So what to do about Myron Woodson?  You see his fat self to the left.  I didn’t know cops were allowed to be fat.  Anyway, Woodson, a resident of Moberly, Missouri (keep reading, I know you want to know!), is an officer with the Sturgeon Police Department.

He murdered Teddy, an innocent, helpless and blind and deaf tiny dog.  The dog was a threat to no one, and Woodson apparently felt the need to slaughter an animal.  Nearly everyone in the small town is irate and plenty of people probably want to have a little “chat” with the scumbag, especially when they see the bodycam footage.

It all started when a cowardly neighbor, who’s too scared to identify herself, called the cops on an adorable, harmless little pooch.  The poor little deaf and blind guy got lost and wound up in his neighbor’s yard.  Rather than returning him to his owner, she called the police, likely having full knowledge of what was to come.  It’s my opinion that she didn’t like Teddy and she probably had full knowledge that she just handed the dog a death sentence.

Woodson responded and within seconds, the dog was dead, at the hands of someone who can’t mess with his own size.  And what a size!

Apparently, Woodson felt the need to discharge his weapon in a small neighborhood where innocent people were within the range of his murder weapon.  For some reason, or so he claims, Woodson felt threatened by the tiny animal.  Does that mean that someone who feels threatened by Woodson can, by his own standards, shoot him?  Probably not. But even that is too good of a punishment for the scumbag.

If you ask me, the neighbor is just as culpable as Woodson.  She should be put in prison for the rest of her life.  She’s just as responsible for the dog’s death, in my opinion, and must be harshly punished.

As for the cowardly police department, they don’t have a comment.  I reached out to try to get a comment, but all I got was full voicemail boxes and bouncing email.  Cowards.

Woodson, too, is hiding like the little bitch that he is.  It’s my opinion that he mercilessly slaughtered that dog.  I’ll bet he’s in some cop bar right now, laughing about the whole thing.  If he were a real man, he’d step forward and publicly admit to what he did, for all to see.  But, no, he’s a pussy.

I guess in that town, it’s okay for their police officers to shoot innocent animals.  Shame, that.

UPDATE 5/26/2024 at 6:31 p.m.: 

Things have been popping ever since this story broke.  This article has been at the #1 slot for this site since almost immediately after it first posted.  The first update is that the mayor abruptly resigned.

Also, at least one private citizen has filed a formal complaint against the cowardly, awful, reprehensible Woodson, who has been placed and leave after the mess that he made and after the dog that he knowingly, intentionally and maliciously murdered.  No “allegedly” here, folks.  Oh, and there’s a petition campaign as well.

Let’s not fool ourselves here: Sturgeon officials denied culpability and even defended Doggie Murderer.  Conveniently, they didn’t see the errors of their ways until after public backlash.  City officials actually condoned doggie murder until people spoke up.  Like Myron “Doggie Murderer” Woodson, city officials have no morals.

Oh, and he apparently works for two cities.  He also works in Hallsville.  After the holiday weekend is over, I’ll be reaching out to them to see if they’ve done the right thing or if they’re going to give him an “atta boy.”

If they did have morals, they would have immediately fired him, not suspend him.  Suspension is an empty, cowardly move.  Immediate termination and a prison sentence, with every inmate knowing he was a cop, would be a bare-minimum start towards true justice.

Publicly available records that some poor girl married Woodson.  If he has no respect for canine life, then I have to wonder what he’d do to her without blinking an eye, which he did in the dog’s case.  Anyway, Brittany Danielle Woodson (nee Leonard), all two tons of her, married the bastard on March 23, 2019.  Myron Ramon Woodson, 40, is one lucky bastard: he found a woman who, by her silence and in my opinion, condones what he did.

According to his Facebook profile, he has kids.  I’ve contacted child protective services there to let them know about his hotheaded use of a gun.  You can, too.

In my opinion, if he’s willing to shoot an innocent, harmless dog, then he won’t think twice about shooting his elephant of a wife or his kids.  Maybe the state taking his kids away will make him have a conscience.  No.  Cops don’t have consciences.

Never forget that he seems to have baited the dog with a, “come here, baby.”  After he posed as someone who cares, he, in my opinion, brutally murdered him.  Also in my opinion, he’s a psychopath.  He also has dogs of his own.  Funny, I’ll bet they’re alive, which is more than can be said for his victim.

Also, he apparently maced and assaulted a man unjustifiably during a strip search.  If that’s true, then he’s clearly a threat to decent society.  Oh, and it appears that he might not be the type of man who wants to pay his bills.

Myron’s home address is out there for all to see.  Public records indicate that Myron doesn’t own the property where he resides.  His wife does.  How pathetic is that?  Anyway, here it is, right from public records!  And they even give us a photo!  Missouri makes it real easy!  And, of course, with the internet being the internet, there’s more!

As always, don’t do anything illegal or harmful, despite what he did to that poor deaf and blind pooch.  He’s not worth the consequences.  It’s nice to dream, but don’t do it.

It’s perfectly legal, however, to form a protest group and peacefully protest on a sidewalk or public road right by his residence.  Let the neighbors know what he did!  Or, peacefully protest in front of city hall or the acting mayor’s home.  Get the word out that, in my opinion, there’s a doggie murderer on the loose.

Have fun.

UPDATE 5/28/2024 at 11:12 a.m.: 

I attempted to reach the Hallsville Police Department to see if Woodson is still on active duty, and my emails and phone calls went unanswered.  Typical cowardice.

There are new developments and you can read about them in this follow-up article.