Myron Woodson: The saga continues

I’m angrier than a Mormon man with only one wife over this whole saga.  It’s the Myron Woodson saga.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the story: a Sturgeon, Missouri rogue cop, in my opinion, shot and killed a tiny 13-pound, deaf and blind dog with no justifiable cause.  Rather than fire the doggie murderer, the city put him on paid leave.

The fact that he’s still collecting a paycheck is alarming, because it says loud and clear that the city just doesn’t give a crap about dead animals.  As you might imagine, people all over the world are outraged, none more so than the people of Sturgeon.

Now, some in the tiny town are calling for the police department, which consists of two people, to be disbanded.  The owner of the victimized pooch is suing Woodson and Sturgeon for one million dollars, but given the fact that Woodson doesn’t even own the home (the address of which I’ve already published for all to see!) he lives in, I don’t think they’ll get a dime out of him.  Oh, about that address?  Here, let me quote myself:

“Myron’s home address is out there for all to see.  Public records indicate that Myron doesn’t own the property where he resides.  His wife does.  How pathetic is that?  Anyway, here it is, right from public records!  And they even give us a photo!  Missouri makes it real easy!  And, of course, with the internet being the internet, there’s more!”

One of Woodson’s last words before he mercilessly and with malice and forethought shot the dog was, “come here, baby,” clearly to anyone with a brain and intentionally luring the dog to his untimely demise.  I’m not advocating for violence, but in my dreams, he deserves to have the same (but a lot more cruel!) happen to him or someone he loves, if he’s capable of love.  Then we’ll see how he feels!

Hopefully, the scumbag will be brought up on felony animal cruelty charges and hopefully he’ll see prison, where everyone will be told he was a dirty cop.  Methinks he won’t last too long in person.  He’s a big dude, but there’s always a dude who’s bigger.

We have nothing to do but sit back and wait to see what side of history Sturgeon comes down on.  If they don’t immediately fire him, they condone animal abuse and they deserve every bad thing that might happen to them.