Below is a brief list of some beliefs and non-beliefs of mine.  This is just for fun, so don’t get your panties in a bunch!

1.) I believe in the Holy Trinity.  One God and our Lord Jesus Christ, together with the Holy Spirit. I am a Catholic, as I have been since Easter of 2022.

I no longer believe the LDS (Mormon) church’s teachings.  I had been a member for over thirty years. I no longer believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and I never really did believe that God and Jesus Christ visited him in Palmyra, New York in 1820.

In April of 2024, I formally resigned and had my name removed from the records of the church.  I am forever banished from the church and can’t come back even if I want to.

2.) I believe that earth is the only planet where God created life.  Mormons believe that God resides on a planet named Kolob and they believe that men can one day have their own planet.  Thus, they believe that there are many worlds besides ours.  Any sane person knows that life only exists here.  I can’t believe I bought into all of that.  But that mistake has been remedied.

Therefore, I do not believe in life on other planets and I believe that so-called “UFO’s” are man and earth-made and not made by mysterious, non-existent alien beings.

3.) I am a MAGA Republican. DemocRATS do not care about our country.

4.) I do not believe that man ever landed on the moon.  I do not believe that a moon landing will ever happen.  The so-called “moon landing” was performed live on a soundstage in New York City.  So-called manned and unmanned “launches” are merely fake news.

5.) I do not believe that the “Holocaust” ever happened, at least as far as history teaches.  Something absolutely did happen.  It was called World War II and the Jews (and others) were simply prisoners of war, something that happens in any war.  The Jews want you to think the “Holocaust” was all about them.  Again, it was merely a POW situation and again, Jews were not the only ones rightfully detained.  Read more here.

6.) I believe that the earth is in fact round.  I am not a flat-earther.  After all, even the Flat Earth Society agrees that the planet is round (technically, it’s not completely round, but I digress!).  They once posted on Facebook that they have members “around the globe.”

7.) I strongly support the death penalty and, if anything, the condemned gets off too easily in death penalty cases.