All too often, people ask me where I get my information.  What sources do I use for my stories?  Below are examples of what I use and of what I don’t use when I report on a news story or when I “break” a news story or write a totally original article.

I Use



Local network affiliates

Associated Press, Reuters

Local newspapers of record

Sources who are willing to go on the record and who are willing to be named.

I Do NOT Use

Fox News Channel

Daily Mail

Local television stations without a network affiliation

Radio stations

Self-published “newspapers”

Other bloggers and other invalid news sources

Off the record sources, or sources that are “anonymous,” “familiar with the situation,” or who “spoke on the condition of anonymity.”

X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, etc.


News tips that are emailed to me.  Those communications are deleted and not acted upon.


Sometimes, I report on a story hours after other bloggers and self-described “journalists,” who are usually bloggers who are not attached to legitimate news organizations, do.  That’s because I take the time to vet stories.  I make phone calls and double check what I’ve doubled checked.  This means, to me, that I may be behind the 8-ball sometimes, but at least I’m reliable, never one to parrot what I see on X, for example.