As the name of the website suggests, I am indeed Michael Crook, of Albany, New York, formerly of South Jersey and Las Vegas. I am not a photographer, a lawyer, a professor, an investor, a music producer, or anything else, so if you’re looking for one of those Michael Crooks, you’re in the wrong place.  No, I’m not the only Michael Crook, but I’m the best one!

One thing that you need to understand about me is that I’m an extremely angry person, as anyone who reads my blog knows all too well.  I hate people.  I hate socializing.  I hate humanity in general and I’m not afraid to show it.  

I hate you, but guess what?  You hate yourself too. Now,  I hate to be honest, but I’d sure hate to be you.  Yeah, I’m that angry!

I am a certified American Sign Language interpreter.

I am also a public speaker, ready for public and private engagements.  Also, I am a certified expert in the area of the fair use provision of US copyright law.  On a personal level, I am a fur parent to two lively cats.

I hold distinction as being one of the first, if not the first, fan to independently form and run a US and internet-based fan club for a eurodance group, namely the original 2 Unlimited.  An article that I co-wrote about the group remains online to this day.

The fan club, called the Unlimited Too Fan Club, ran from 1992 to 1996, when the original performers left the group.  At its peak, my fan club had over 1,200 people from all over the USA and Europe.  I was noted in The Press of Atlantic City and Rolling Stone.  I was also mentioned and interviewed by radio stations all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and Las Vegas to name a few.

Also, I am perhaps best known for building and running a website where I posed as a teenage (18) girl looking for sexual encounters from random guys on a classified ads website.  You can read about that project, an effort that exposed numerous married or otherwise committed men and that gained me tons of visitors and coverage in media outlets nationwide, here.

While in high school, I taught myself the ASIC programming language and wrote several programs that were distributed through BBS (yes, that’s how old I am!).  The programs were well-received.  The titles included the highly successful The Insult Machine, which mimicked the old-fashioned DOS prompt. Whenever the target entered a command, a random and offensive insult would respond.  Good times, good times.

I’m a bottom-line type of guy.  As I said on Fox News Channel back in 2005, “It might sound harsh, but, you know, it’s all about the money.”  Money is always the most important thing.  That’s what it all comes down to.

Following 30+ years in the Mormon church, I converted to Catholicism in 2022.  You can read more about that here.

My hobbies include playing a mean game of Words With Friends, pwning n00bs in World of Warcraft, watching The Infographic Show‘s YouTube channel, running this website and streaming entertaining shows.  Just like everyone else, I have my own set of beliefs and you can see them for yourself.  I am also quite open about my religious transition from the Seventh-day Adventist church to the Mormon church to the Catholic Church.

About This Website

I welcome you to my official website, online in various incarnations since 1994.  My first website (my own personal site was my second project) went online in 1994.  My various website projects have received international media attention.  Some of the media outlets include The Las Vegas SunDetails Magazine, Fox News Channel, KTTV, WAVY, The Steve and DC Show, WSYR-TV, The Syracuse Post-Standard and various others.

What is the purpose of this site?  Mostly, I take news stories of the day and offer my own unique and angry responses. 

Also, this is a place to write articles that I think that my readers might enjoy.  I do offer premium content at three different tiers.  To learn more about subscribing, you can get started here.  Also, I don’t beg for tips, but I do accept them!

If you’re looking for site that offers unbiased, unbalanced news reporting, you’re in the wrong place.  On this site, I am very biased and I often do not let those featured in my articles give their side of a story.  This is a blog site, not a newspaper site.

Now, if you’re going to read this site with any degree of regularity, you need to understand that I call it like I see it, and I don’t give a damn who gets their fragile, triggered little feelings hurt.  

I most certainly am not “woke,” and I am not politically correct, nor do I care what people think of me.  I’ve been “canceled” many times, and I always come back for more, which means that you can always count on cutting-edge, honest and vitriolic content.