The “Holocaust”

I do not believe that the “Holocaust” ever happened, at least as far as history teaches.  Of course Jews were rounded up, but that was just like other classes of people, and yes, a Jew or two here and there died, but nowhere near six million.

Not even near 1,000.

The so-called “Holocaust survivors who won’t shut up and who visit high schools like one did mine in 1996. They are either delusional, lying or exaggerating, in my opinion.

Also, there was no holocaust, because by definition, a “holocaust” is a complete and total destruction.  I discussed that in my 2011 book Mythology and Guilt: Why the Jews Created the Holocaust.  It is out of print as no publishing company accepted it but for one, but they were pressured into pulling the book.  The print masters were destroyed in a fire in 2013.  And yes, I realize the irony.

The Jews still exist, so to call it a holocaust is to be an uneducated baboon.  Furthermore, the Jews and others were merely prisoners of war.  It was never personal. It was war and war is hell.  No one is exempt from war, including the Jews.  These days, many decades later I might add, the Jews play the victim in an effort to manipulate people into giving them special treatment.

Remember, the Jews call us “goyim,” yet they whine and cry when they get called “kikes.”  Interesting.  And let’s talk about for that for a second: kike.

The word “kike” is considered an ethnic slur, but it’s accurate.  When Jews came through Ellis Island, they were so poorly educated that they couldn’t sign their name.  So they made a circle, which in Yiddish is “kikel.”  That’s how you get “kike.”  It is not a slur at all but it’s an apt description of their education, or lack thereof.

One major player in the holocaust saga is a teenage girl by the name of Anne Frank.  Her diary has been read the world over and she’s considered a tragic fever of a so-called “genocide.”  As we all know, she and her family hid in an annex behind a warehouse in Amsterdam (my ancestral roots).

Somebody betrayed her family and revealed their whereabouts.  On August 4, 1944, they were captured and taken to a prisoner of war camp.  Supposedly, betraying the Frank family was a crime in Holland, so after the war –and that’s all it was, a war– the hunt was on for the person who did the world a favor.  What’s hilarious to me is that in two short years, they would have been liberated.

There are many theories as to who revealed the cowards’ location, but the prevailing wisdom seems to be that Arnold van den Bergh (a Jew) was the one, who did what he allegedly did in order to protect his own family.  So he did what anyone in his position would do.  Why would it, if he was the one, be a bad thing?  If I’d been alive then, I would have happily revealed their location.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the so-called “betrayer” committed a crime.  Some (not me) might argue that what he did was cruel, cold and calculated, but I call it justifiable under the circumstances.  Besides, it was a few Jews…who cares?

Yet, Anne and her sister died a most gruesome death, which is what happens in POW camps.  There were no “concentration camps,” just POW camps.  That’s part of war, you see.  Of course there are going to be prisoners of war.  What makes the Jews so special that they think they’re exempt?

No, there was no holocaust.  It was war, and the Jews (and others, I might add) were nothing more than prisoners of war whose luck ran out.