Did he just start WWIII?

I’m angrier than a patriot who sees what pedophile PFN Joe Biden has done and is doing to our country.  I’m irate because Biden has given Ukraine carte blanche to fire weapons our country gave to theirs into Russia.  Not around them.  Not near them.  Literally into Russia.

Ukraine will be able to strike against Russian soldiers who are right at the Russia-Ukraine border.  Ukraine’s president wants even more, though.  He wants long-range weapons that can be used to strike deep within Russia.  No, that won’t start World War II!

Did Biden just give Russia just cause to strike against Ukraine?  Will we have to come to Ukraine’s defense with our troops on the ground and our weapons in the air?  If all that happens, then we will certainly find ourselves in the midst of another world war.  It’d be a world war that we could have prevented.

This is another fine mess that Biden and the DemocRATS have gotten us into.  We may not recover from this one, gentle reader.   At any point, Vladimir Putin could decide to launch weapons against us and that will of course cause us to retaliate, and at that point, all hell will break loose.

There’s nothing that the average Johnny Lunchpail can do but sit back and watch history unfold in front of our very eyes.  We may not make it to the November 5th election, so let’s enjoy life day by day, because it could end at any time, and it’s all thanks to Biden and the rats that voted for him.