The irony is hilarious

I’m angrier than a Russian without vodka because nothing like this ever happens in the Albany, New York area.  It’s a tale of sweet, sweet irony.  Connecticut State Trooper Aaron Pelletier was killed.  He died yesterday during a highway safety campaign.

And there’s the irony: the guy trying to keep the highway safe was unsafe because of a guy who hit and ran.  The irony is hilarious, it really is!  It’s always hilarious to me when something bad happens to a cop, thanks to the way I’ve been treated by law enforcement around here.

Alex Oyola-Sanchez allegedly struck the trooper and then kept on booking it until his vehicle couldn’t take it anymore and he was forced to pull over, where some Johnny Bigshot tried to be a hero.

If were Sanchez, I’d have shot the self-righteous son of a bitch.  I would never intervene on behalf of anyone.  Why should I risk being shot just because wanted to be a hero?  A dead hero is still dead, after all!

Sanchez was drugged up, police say, and he was arrested on numerous charges, charges that include manslaughter, DUI and a slew of traffic violations.  Normally, DUI and the people who drive while under the influence sicken me, but when a cop dies because of it, the good outweighs the evil, at least to me.

I can’t really feel sorry for Pelletier.  He knew what he was getting himself into.  And again, the irony is a hoot and a half!