He’s backed off…for now

I’m angrier than a Mexican who got caught at the border when I think of everything that the Albany New York Police Department and Albany County Sheriff’s Office officers, detectives and deputies did to me.  Though it happened a long time ago, the fact that neither the city nor the county has done anything about it really frosts my cupcakes.

You see, there’s an APD detective by the name of Dave Bernacki.  He resides in Delmar and used to visit this site often.  Very often.  I finally had enough and told him via text message to back off.  See, we used to belong to the same religion until I left Mormonism last month.

He held and holds a high position of authority in the local Mormon congregations, which means that he had access to my membership records that go back to when I was born. Of course, I had access to his home address and his personal cell phone number.  And his wife’s name.  And his kids’ names, but they’ll be left out of this.

Even though his wife has numerous pictures of their kids on her very public Facebook profile, I’m not going to bite.  No, he thought nothing of, allegedly, abusing his access to my information, so I didn’t feel sorry about doing what he did, which is take advantage of that information.

A few weeks ago, I gave him one final shot at redemption, especially given the fact that at Mass, we all say that “as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.”  I tried, folks, I did.

It looked as if he finally backed off.  But, no, a couple of weeks ago, I caught him perusing this site yet again.

I caught him coming through here last week, but I’ll let that slide because I’m in a good mood.  For the most part, he seems to have gotten the clue and I’ve heard nary a word from him nor have I, apart from the one time, seen his face around here.

The reason why I’m so angry with him is because of these suspicions, beliefs and allegations (and that’s all they are at this point–accusations and allegations) that I have:

  • He provided information that he had access to through the church to the APD and the sheriff’s office in an effort to plan and execute a plan of assault, something that happened while I was having a stress-related seizure.
  • He was directly involved in taking away my health care by using my information forcing me to scramble to find new providers.

I’m disgusted, because my wife made me apologize to him.  It turns out, however, that he should apologize to me.  Should he do that, all of his articles will mysteriously go poof.  The involvement that he had with trying to ruin my life over one stupid article is astounding.

So far, it’s looking as if he’s gone once and for all.  I guess it remains to be seen whether he truly stays away.