He didn’t back off

I’m angrier than an Uber passenger whose driver is late over this next one.  Recently, I told you about an Albany Police Department detective with whom I used to go to church.  It’s my accusation that he simply won’t stop visiting this site and what’s more, it’s my personal belief that he was involved, at least behind the scenes, in actions that included all manner of malicious acts, including retaliation.  But more on that later.

Some of those acts taken against me, which I believe he had direct knowledge of and perhaps involvement in, allegedly included at least one act of physical assault taken against me by APD officers and detectives, as well as county deputies, none of whom are taught how to deal with someone having a seizure.

I allege that their acts were immoral and illegal.  Although all of this happened back in 2017,  I never forget.  And that’s why I told him to back off.  But apparently, he thinks I’m sort of retard who doesn’t know what’s going on with his site.  That makes him the retard, don’t you think?

After a huge effort to confirm the unwanted visitor was indeed him, I warned him time and time again to stop coming to this website unless it was in his official capacity as a detective, because, hey, I can’t stop that.  But hopefully I can expose him into realizing that I just want to be left alone by him.

I once, at my wife’s firm command, even apologized to the dirtbag about dragging him into my dispute with the APD, even though I allege that he should have apologized to me!  He visited my site yet again.  Out come the claws!

At one time, before I became a Catholic, we went to the same church.  Out of an abundance of caution for his family, I won’t post the actual, specific address of the church that we once shared, even though I have the legal right to do so.  But because he has a wife and children who aren’t involved in this dispute, all I’ll say is that he is and I was a “Latter-day Saint,” better known as a Mormon.

And both of us have only one wife, so save that tired joke.

There is no information within that is not accessible via public records or via simple Google searches.  Most of it is information he himself provided, whether he realizes it or not.  Not a wise move for someone whose job is to arrest people and forever alter their lives, whether justifiably or not.

Who we have here, and again, I’m sorry that it came to this, is one David Bernacki.  You see him to the left.  This photograph was taken from his wife’s very public Facebook profile.  Despite the fact that his wife has made available to the world pictures of herself and their young children, I have chosen to crop the wife and the kids out.

Actually, let’s make him Dave.  David appears to be his father, who gets an honorable mention in a bit.  This is who I’m up against, folks.  It’s my allegation that I’m his victim.  And I truly believe that he’s laughing about it all.

Up to this point, I haven’t referred Bernacki by name.  Now, I tried to not have to do this, I really did.  But he just couldn’t stay away, now did he?  No, he couldn’t.  And anyway, he’s a public employee with a huge online footprint, so I’m not going to be exposing much.

Despite the fact that I wanted to do so, I did not go full force on him.  I’m acting with kid gloves here, even though he doesn’t deserve it.  I mean it: he’s getting off light.

Five years ago, he held himself up to public scrutiny for giving an interview to the Times Union, only to see his allegations be denied by more than one party, which in my opinion calls his integrity into question.  A detective without integrity is worthless.  Unless you work for the City of Albany, that is.  Apparently.

In that newspaper interview, one that he took it upon himself to make to a large audience, Bernacki alleged that a political candidate who, at the time was an assistant district attorney, allegedly used racial slurs against a biracial man in 2013.  Bernacki, at the time of the interview and the alleged incident, was and is a detective with the APD.

Bernacki made a pretty hefty accusation.  We don’t know whether the guy he accused actually did it, but if the guy did do it, he supposedly used the word “nigger.”  I don’t find that word to be a big deal.  Many people consider it to be offensive, but I don’t.  Bernacki made a mountain out of a mole hill by taking it upon himself to come forward and whine about the so-called “slur.”

So, what exactly did Bernacki say to the newspaper, you ask?

“Racial slurs were definitely used that night by Matt Toporowski, [d]etective David Bernacki said in a phone interview,” the Times Union reported.

What was Bernacki doing giving interviews, especially about this?  Bernacki is a city employee and should not be running to the media unless it’s in a professional capacity.  By doing so, and because of the serious allegations that me made, I would submit that he’s opened himself up to public scrutiny.

To quote Bernacki, his conduct, I feel, was “unprofessional,” something that he said with a gasp to both the woman who is currently my wife and I about a hospital nurse asking for my phone number a long while ago, when I was in A-fib.

What I didn’t say at the time was this: I willingly wrote down my cell phone number for the nurse, thereby not making it unprofessional.  And, yes, she gave me her number too. Everything that happened as a result of that exchange was consensual.  So, pot, kettle, black.

Unprofessional, my ass.  If she hadn’t been “unprofessional,” I would have missed out on an awesome lady!

“Bernacki, a nine-year veteran of the force who was promoted to detective four years ago and works in the criminal investigative unit, was initially reluctant to comment about the incident when contacted by the Times Union. After first declining to go on the record, he called back to say he needed to ‘be upfront and honest’ and speak publicly about the incident.”

This sayeth the Times Union.

I don’t think, and it’s just my opinion, that he was “upfront and honest,” because several parties disputed his probably politically-motivated allegations. In fact, it’s my opinion that he’s the unprofessional one and I further believe that he lied.

Again, what business did he have getting involved in the first place?  Did he have a political motive?  Was he being bribed to say something?  Did he get some money in his pocket for speaking up with his allegedly false accusations?

We don’t know.

But wait!  There’s more!  A fellow police officer, Kyle Haller, begged to differ in that same interview.  He said no racial slurs were thrown about when he was on the scene of the alleged incident.  Another person also threw water on Bernacki’s dumpster fire.  At least two against one.  Hmmm.

Toporowski vehemently denied Bernacki’s hurtful and, in my own opinion, agenda-driven accusations.  Well, of course.  We have one detective making accusations with more than one party vouching for Toporowski, who was running for office at the time Bernacki came forward.  Hence the possible potential political motives.

As for Bernacki, he just couldn’t shut up.  The incident allegedly took place in December of 2013, and Bernacki conveniently hurled accusations that included allegations of Toporowski throwing his office title around while Bernacki was supposedly trying to de-escalate the situation.

Do I believe Bernacki?  No.  When more than one person casts doubt on accusations such as the ones Bernacki made against Toporowski, that’s a problem, in my opinion.

Addressing the potential motives of Bernacki, Toporowski told the newspaper, “I can’t speak to what Dave Bernacki thinks or does.”

That speaks volumes.

It, in my opinion, makes Bernacki seem like a fraud, a liar and a malicious, malicious pathetic excuse for a man.  Even if Toporowski did call someone a nigger, who cares?  Where was Bernacki then?  Why didn’t he run to the newspaper then?

Why did Bernacki come forward when it made him look like a credible guy, at least at first?  I think it’s because there was something in it for him.  But at the end of the day, it’s Bernacki who has to live with the moral implications of what he did or did not do.

Here comes information about our brave detective, and this time around, it’s all fair game.  He had plenty of chances to avoid this.  None of this information was difficult to find.  You, if you so choose, can also dig this information up with little to no effort.

Bernacki lives in Delmar, a suburb of Albany that is inside the town of Bethlehem, where publicly available records show his address, an address supported by a mortgage filed by SEFCU with the county clerk in January of 2020.  This publicly available website confirms the information.

A background check website posted his correct personal cell phone number.  This phone number is supported by his publicly available listing as some sort of a coach or something.  I can confirm, from personal knowledge, that the number is correct.  Why he would choose to make it public is beyond me.  If he hadn’t made it so public, I would have held off on publishing it, but here we are.

He is also a landlord and frequently advertises his rental properties on Facebook, meaning that his phone number’s really out there, isn’t it?

Like most anyone else, Bernacki has career aspirations.  It looks like that at one point, he threw his hat in the ring to be a police sergeant. He only scored 79% there, but somehow he managed to become a detective.  Interesting.  The bar must be low in Albany.

Bernacki is in the city employee directory, although it has him listed as a police officer instead of a detective. He hasn’t been an officer in many moons.

His actions with the interview, I think, tells you what kind of a “man” David Christopher Bernacki is.  His middle name is fair game, because it’s used to ordain him in the LDS church, and because it’s readily available on the internet.  I didn’t have to stoop to low levels to get it.

Oh, here, meet his father, who allegedly made some questionable financial transactions, according to the Times Union.  Seems to me, in my opinion, that daddy’s a scumbag, and, well, like father, like son, I say.

And forgetteth not his wife, Hilary Joan Bernacki (her Facebook name is just Hilary Joan), her full name being provided by she herself and her profile was linked to by her husband for all to see, so there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy in that regard.

Again, this involves information that the Bernackis make available to all on his Facebook profile.  I didn’t have to go rogue at all here.  Hilary is the one who’s in overshare mode, whereas Dave doesn’t make much of his profile public.  I can’t stop you, the reader, from going to her very public Facebook profile.  There, you will see photographs that no intelligent parent would make available to the world.

After much internal debate, and after consulting with an attorney who advised me that I am well within my legal rights to directly link to Bernacki’s family photographs since their profiles are public, I have decided to just link to their profiles, which I was able to find by a simple Facebook search, meaning that anyone who knows their names can find them, meaning that anyone can find them with or without this article.  I wasn’t the one who made the choice to make their profiles public, a dumb move considering Bernacki’s career.

So, really, if you’re so bored that you want to troll through their profiles, that’s on you, but because his minor children aren’t involved in this, I feel that, despite how pissed I am at Bernacki for refusing to honor my reasonable request and for, allegedly, playing a role in what happened to me, their photographs shouldn’t be directly linked to.

Even though the kids’ parents are allowing anyone, and I mean anyone, to see photographs of said kids, none of whom deserve to be dragged into this just because their father’s a douchebag.

Then again, Bernacki does share quite a bit with the world, both on Facebook and in the media.  A cursory look through his profile shows that, during the pandemic, he sent a copy of a letter one of his kids wrote to the Times Union, and it was published.  He also posted pictures of projects his other kids did.  He seems quite content to share his family with the world, rather than limiting it to friends. So no expectation of privacy there.

My restraint is a favor to his children, who vary in age, and my restraint is absolutely not a display of kindness or respect towards Bernacki or his all-too-perky wife.

He better appreciate this, because I found a lot of photographs there that, if in the wrong hands, could be used for nefarious purposes, and it’s all right there in the open.  Me, I don’t care about him and his family.  I couldn’t care less if they burned to death in a house fire.

If I were the only one around when Bernacki had a heart attack or something, I’d stand idle, except for snapping some selfies.

That goes for his entire family and any and all local police officers, detectives and deputies as well. I’d watch them die right in front of me and I’d laugh as they faded to black.  Of course, that will almost certainly never happen, but I can dream, right?

Do they know that they’re being reckless with the details of their family life?  Do they care?  They have to know.  I mean, they’re not retards.

Surely they know so much information is up for grabs just by searching their names. Since someone who ran afoul of Bernacki would know his name, they can do what I did here if they were pissed off enough.  And that’s the point that I’m trying to make here.  It doesn’t take a genius.  Hopefully, this is a teachable moment for them.

Nothing I’ve posted in this article is private. And, again, I would have kept all of this to myself, but he just had to visit today, didn’t he?  He just had, according to a few sources, to abuse his church authority to my detriment, didn’t he?

Both Bernackis publish way too much information about their family.  It’s downright stupid what they’re doing.  I am not suggesting in any way that people bring harm to them.  Do not do something like that.

My purpose here, the reason that I am posting all of this, is to show the world just how stupid the Bernackis, and many law enforcement families such as his are.  The fact that all of these photographs are available in the open, with no hacking required, shows how unwise their social media choices are.

Maybe this will wake them, and other law enforcement agents, up.  Not everyone is going to show the restraint that I am showing here.  But here’s a word of advice if you’re thinking of doing something not so nice: remember that they’re not worth it.

Why is it that APD officers and detectives make all their Facebook information available for all to see?  His wife sure posts a lot of photographs, all of which are available to anyone with a Facebook account.  In all seriousness, though, it is not prudent thinking for a law enforcement officer or his spouse to make sensitive information such as that

I don’t condone or suggest any violence towards his family.  This information is all in the public view, so if Bernacki has a problem with family photographs being out there, then he has only himself and his wife to blame.  They need to lock that stuff down, because I’m not the only one who can look this stuff up.

If one of the people he arrested ever wanted to hunt him own, it’s way too easy, and that should scare any law enforcement agent.  It’s 2024, people, wake the f–k up.

This illustrates just how unwise some law enforcement officers are with their sensitive information.  We saw this happen back in 2017.  An APD officer whom I accuse of assaulting me had photographs of him and his young daughter offered up for all to see, all by his own doing.

By the way, the police chief and the sheriff share one common belief: they feel that they shouldn’t address my allegations, which is why I hope and wish for the day that an APD cop or detective is mowed down by some sick son of a bitch with nothing to lose.

It hasn’t happened in the 11 years that I’ve lived here, but it almost did and that’ll do until the inevitable day when someone screws their life up by shooting someone.  To me, APD scum isn’t worth it all, but some people don’t feel that way.

That time back in 2017, I went way overboard, because I, through the written word, attacked the young daughter of an officer, whom I allege unjustifiably physically assaulted me in my own home in full view of other officers and that was uncalled for.  I’m man enough to admit that.

That officer was never held accountable, which is one of many reasons I won’t intervene if I witness a city or county law enforcement agent in peril.  Payback’s a bitch, and I hope that I one day get the opportunity to have that kind of payback.  Karma did sort of bite that officer in the ass, though.  He was arrested not once, but twice on suspicion of drunk driving.

The first time, he was suspended, but the scumbag police chief welcomed him back with open arms, having full knowledge that the officer could kill someone.  Lo and behold, the officer did it again.  That finally ended his career with the APD.  The guy had a young daughter to support and that’s how he acted?  No responsible father would play with his child’s financial security like that.

I hope that he paid dearly for that financially.  I hope he suffered fiscally.  Though I never got direct justice for what I allege that he did to me, I am glad that he screwed himself and his child over financially.  That was amusing to me. I hope he lost custody and/or visitation rights for those stunts that he pulled.

I went through the justice system for what I wrote about his daughter and I wound up serving two years’ probation, a sentence that I served with honor.  I fucked up and I readily admit that.  Some punishment was justified.  I held myself accountable.

What was not justified is the physical assaults that I allege that I suffered at the hands of APD cops and detectives as well as deputies at the county jail, where I was assaulted and otherwise brutally victimized.

It’s my belief that Bernacki was involved in some capacity in the acts of retaliation that were taken against me.  Based on what an anonymous church source verbally told me, he used the information he had access to at church against me in his professional capacity.  He was never held accountable at church either.

But then again, his father-in-law led the congregation at the time, so of course Bernacki never paid the price.  That’s how it works in the Mormon church, you see.  They’re all scumbags, each and every one of them.  And yes, I’m aware my wife is still of the religion.  I know what I wrote.  I hate each and every person in that congregation.  Every.  Single.  One.

A lot of other nasty stuff went on, and APD officers and detectives were directly involved in trying to ruin my health care, based on what I was verbally told by a former service provider back in 2017 and based on what I was verbally told by others.

When I brought up Bernacki’s name, the former health care provider confirmed that she remembered the name.  Gee, I wonder why I hate him so much!  At least I got one confirmation that he was involved, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

All of the things that were done to me were way over the line and that’s why I will gladly stand idle and watch an APD cop or detective or deputy die right in front of me due to some medical mishap or whatever.  As long as someone pays in that hypothetical situation, I’m happy.

Bernacki and his buddies, I allege, also reached out to service other service providers in a somewhat successful effort to at least temporarily ruin my life.  It was out of pure malice, I think, whereas my actions were never intended to be malicious.  I was able to recover, however, so the damage wasn’t permanent.  So they failed in that regard.

I realize that they were angry with me and that they all wanted revenge, but that was not the way to do it.  I never tried to hunt down anyone’s medical care team or other providers.  I played fair.  I will never forget what was done to me and I’m coming after Bernacki hard because I believe that he played a big role given what information he had access to.

Given what I feel Bernacki apparently did to me, I don’t feel one bit guilty about exposing him for who I believe he is. If I really need to, I can really go hardcore, but this article is yet another example of me using kid gloves, something that he doesn’t deserve.  I’ve had legal counsel review the original draft of this article and, with a few small changes, I was cleared.  He doesn’t deserve the courtesy of my restraint, but he’s getting it anyway.  He’s so lucky.

My website isn’t large scale, but I do get around 4,100 visits a day as a result of me being me (read my bio!), so people are reading this website, and 31% percent of my traffic comes from the Albany area.  So, he really didn’t think this through.

Somehow, I don’t think Bernacki will ever learn his lesson until he pisses off the wrong person.  I mean, I guess I’m the right person since I can’t and won’t do much to him.  But one day, I hope, his uppance will come.

I have to be fair to Bernacki: he never once touched me.  He is not among the people I am accusing of directly abusing me, but, again, I do accuse him of abusing his church privileges to help his co-workers try to ruin my life.

And as one parting shot at him: Bernacki served in the Army, and for that and that alone he is to be commended.  I’m not sure, but I think he’s still in the reserves.  At any rate, his father-in-law told me one time that while Bernacki was in basic training, he’d phone his wife in tears.


I mean, I briefly served in the Army too and I didn’t shed a single tear in boot camp.  The drill sergeants doubled down on me on a daily basis because I was being sent home after they found out my lie where I claimed to not have a disqualifying heart condition, and still I didn’t cry.

I worked hard every day from 0500 to 2100, except for Sundays, which were basically liberty days.

Now, my time in the military was, again, cut short by a heart condition that I hid from the military, but you have to grant me one thing: at least I tried.  Not only did I try, but I didn’t cry like a little bitch like Bernacki apparently did.

Yep, there’s your Dave Bernacki.  He can’t take a hint and, apparently, he can’t handle a simple thing like basic training.  It makes me wonder what he’s like as a detective.  Is he a whiny little bitch out on the streets?

At least I passed every test the Army gave me until they found out about my condition and I was relegated to being an administrative assistant until my discharge papers came through.

I was going to sit on Bernacki’s Army information because his father-in-law told me that in confidence, but you know what?  Screw that.  Screw confidences.  I’m no longer bound to any of the LDS church’s teachings, beliefs or codes.  Plus, I’m glad I can expose him as a little pussy.

So what now?  Hopefully, this is the end of the whole situation.  Maybe he’ll get the hint now.  This is payback for what I believe to be his role in what happened in 2017.  And, as far as I’m concerned, unless he gets froggy and jumps, this matter has now come to a conclusion.