A seizure is very serious!

I’m angrier than a thief with an Amazon package full of dog crap over this next story because it involves a man who had a major seizure. (Editor’s note added on 5/20/24: You’ll also want to read about an APD detective who is allegedly stalking me electronically.)

Until a few months ago when I finally got on the right medication, I too had seizures.  And as I previously stated, and I allege that I was mercilessly physically assaulted by a county deputy at the behest of at least two APD detectives.

Ultimately, I feel and believe that I was also physically and sexually assaulted by Albany County deputies in the Albany County Justice Facility on petty charges that were overcharges, relating to a blog post I wrote in 2017, involving a police officer who I physically assaulted me without justification in my own home of all places, and the post also involved his young daughter.  The latter part was a very poor decision.  The former part I don’t regret.

As punishment for my bad decision, I served two years of probation, and I’ll have you know that I served that sentence with honor.  Even so, neither the city nor the county has taken any action in regards to what I believe is my being physically and sexually assaulted.

It’s a little off-topic to say, but I didn’t have to write that article after all, because this officer, whom I can legally name, but won’t, was caught driving drunk twice.

The incompetent police chief let him tap dance out of accountability once by allowing him back on the streets.  The second time, though, the chief finally fired the guy.  If the now former officer had killed anyone, that person’s blood would have been on the chief’s hands.

Now to the point of this article: an innocent man was manhandled by California police officers when, much like in my case, he had a grand mal seizure.

That is a huge deal, because those sorts of seizures can kill.  Despite claims to the contrary, the police had full knowledge that he was in full seizure mode and assaulted him anyway.  I too was assaulted by at least one deputy, while I was having a seizure.  So I know for a fact that it does happen.  And no one’s ever held accountable.

And of course law enforcement officials are, rather than accepting accountability, trying to cover it up.  The bodycam footage clearly shows the victim being assaulted by cowards with guns.  One officer who was allegedly involved in the assault claimed in his report that he feared for his personal safety, an obvious lie.

Thankfully, the victim is doing what I should have done: he’s suing.  Indeed, he’s suing for battery, false arrest and defamation.  In response, local law enforcement is playing the victim.  Yet another example of people trying to tap dance out of accountability.

Yes, police there permanently harmed their hapless victim and there is no excuse, because officer knows, or should know, the signs of a seizure.  The deputies in my case knew full well that I was having a seizure and carried on with a physical assault, so it’s a systemic problem.

I attempted to contact Albany County sheriff Craig Apple to demand more training on how to handle seizures, but the coward refused to even talk to me, thereby telling me that he condones and allows physical assaults and that he’s perfectly okay with people who are having a seizure being beaten within an inch of their lives.

So whatever you do, don’t have a seizure anywhere near any law enforcement officer, because it will not end well for you and you will be taken to jail for daring to have a seizure, especially if you’re anywhere in Albany proper or anywhere in Albany County.  If it happens here in the county, the sheriff will most likely sit back and laugh, which is exactly what happened, reportedly, when Apple was made aware of my incident.

If you find yourself in peril, neither the City of Albany nor Albany County are safe places for you.  Stay far away.