What’s the damn problem?

I’m angrier than a Republican who has heard one too many news stories about the DemocRATS.  That’s because people are, as usual, upset over nothing.  Esteemed actor Richard Dreyfuss is under fire for comments that he allegedly made at a special screening of the beloved film Jaws, in which he starred.

He apparently went on what some people are calling a “rant,” touching on a few subjects.  There are quite a few things that he purportedly said, but I’m going to sort of go ahead and focus on what he reportedly said about the trans people.

According to multiple reports in the mainstream media, he said, “you shouldn’t be listening to some 10-year-old who says they want to be a boy instead of a girl.”  I couldn’t agree more!  What he said was the truth and people are up in arms over it.

Dreyfuss is right on the money, if he said what he’s accused of saying.  Transgenderism is sick and against the Savior’s teachings no matter what the age of the person is.  But little kids wanting to be of the opposite gender?  They’re way too young to know what they want and they should be told to sit down and shut up!

Maybe some people couldn’t stand the truth bombs that he was dropping all over the venue.  There’s nothing to be upset over here.  Oh, no, an opposing opinion!  Better walk out of an event like a snowflake would!

I’m not particularly a Dreyfuss fan, but this is a whole lot of fuss over nothing!