Maybe he got the clue after all

I’m angrier than a fish out of water over this whole matter.  A few days ago, an Albany New York Police Department detective and a high-ranking member of the same church that I used to go to, continued to visit this website despite me telling him to stand down via a text sent to his personal cell phone.

So, I did what I promised I would do, which is write a long article about him.  That article is still available.

What’s in the article?  Quite a bit, actually, and it involves a lot of information culled from public records and material that he has posted or that others have posted about him.

I’m not going to sit here and ruin the surprise, but because of me going too far in attacking an APD officer and his young daughter in 2017, I had an attorney who owed me a favor read the article and, apart from suggestions to remove two things (I did remove them!), he said I am well within my legal rights to post the article as presently constituted.

Is the article ethically and morally sound?  No. It’s accurate, but it’s, by own admission, mean-spirited and downright cruel.

But is it legally sound?  Yes.  This time, the article will comply with the law and it will expose him for all to see.  As a show of good faith, I’m not going to name him here unless he visits again.  As long as he stays away, the article will remain offline.  If he stays away from my site for six months, I will once and for all delete it from the site (it’s still here, but hidden from public view) and the backups.

You know what?  I’ll be charitable and let him access tomorrow morning as tends to be his wont.  He will have one hour from the time he arrives to immediately email me an apology note to as well as a promise to never access my site again unless the visit is, for some reason, in his official capacity a detective.  Not that I expect that to happen ever again.

As of now, he seems to have taken my warning seriously.  But all it takes is one more time and without an apology and a pledge, the article will go back online and it will be well-promoted. Considering that a large portion of my traffic comes from Albany proper and its suburbs, he would probably not want said article to be online.  I did my research and he doesn’t want that.

For the brief time that the post was online, for example, 1,117 people read it between when it was posted at 6 p.m. yesterday and when I took it offline at around 3 p.m. today after seeing that he was absent from today’s stats. Most of the visitors who read the article came from around here and there were also readers from the Syracuse Police Department and the Albany County District Attorney’s office.

Anyway, if he upholds his end of the bargain, I will uphold mine.