Albany Police Department simply doesn’t care!

I’m angrier than a drunkard at the door of a bar that’s closed over this next story.  Recently, I wrote a post wherein I allege that, back in 2017, I was the victim of physical and sexual assaults at the hands of officers and detectives with the Albany Police Department as well as deputies with the county sheriff’s department.

The assaults happened as a result of a now-forbidden article that I wrote for my website.  It involved an APD officer who definitely assaulted me. I did nothing to justify a physical attack.  So, I justly involved him and his minor daughter in my article and, due to political reasons, I was arrested for free speech and I ultimately took a plea deal wherein I served probation for two years.

That officer went on to screw himself over by getting caught driving
drunk not once, but twice.  He was given a glorious second chance and
knocked out power in a neighborhood where he hit a pole.  So it turned out that I didn’t need the article to get back at him, having published all of his private information.  He sealed his own fate.

Now, on the day that I was arrested, as part of a warrant that turned out to be dirty because the detectives lied to the judge, I feel that I was forcibly thrown into the detectives’ car.

Just as an aside, my Fourth Amendment rights were violated, because the detectives acted out of the scope of the warrant.  My attorney agreed that the warrant was dirty and, after several months, got all my property back to me.  This shows you why each and every officer and detectives on the APD is scum.

But I digress.

One of the detectives, as I recall, shoved me into the car.  I couldn’t believe it.  This even though I wasn’t resisting. I had no weapons.  I was no threat whatsoever and still, I allege, that I was assaulted.

When we got to the station, I recall that I was pushed into an elevator to go to the floor where I would be questioned.

After I was questioned, where I was completely honest and cooperative, I went in front of a judge. Despite the fact that I was no flight risk, said judge remanded me on bail of $2,000.

I ended up spending the night in jail until bail posted the next afternoon.  At the county jail, they sure took their sweet time processing me in, but man, oh, man, they couldn’t have gotten me out of there and off the property fast enough once bail posted!

While I was being processed into the county jail, the deputies examined an envelope which included a printout of the article by the detectives.  They read it and one of them unlocked my cell, walking into it.

Despite the fact that he had full knowledge that I was having a stress-related seizure, he pulled me up by my shirt and then slammed me against the wall and punched me in the face so hard that my nose almost broke.

Despite the fact that I later reported the assault, I was ignored and no action whatsoever was taken against the deputy. The county sheriff knew, but didn’t care.  The district attorney knew, but didn’t care.

During the night, numerous corrections officers walked by my cell, with one laughing, telling me, “you’re fucked!”

No one did a thing.

Other officers and corrections officers stood by, chuckling and they didn’t do a damn thing.  Not a damn thing.  Someone has to pay, and it has to be perfectly legal.

So, as punishment, if I ever encounter an APD officer or detective or a sheriff’s deputy in peril, I will stand by, laughing and taking pictures and “forgetting” to call 911 or to use their radio to call out an “officer down.”  They did nothing, I do nothing.

If said cop dies, the blame will rest squarely upon the shoulders of all those who harassed and assaulted me.  As long as someone pays, I don’t care.  And I will make sure that what I do, or rather what I do not do, is perfectly legal, as I am not required to render aid in such a situation.  I am not suggesting or condoning actual attacks upon those people.  In fact, the direct opposite.  Do nothing to them.

Karma will catch up to them and hopefully, I will be the one to deliver said karma in a manner that’s 100% legal.  Moral, ethical?  No.  But then, I’m neither moral nor ethical!

I will never forget what was done to me.  Never.  Someday, if God delivers into my hands a law enforcement officer, that person will end up without my help in their most desperate hour of need. I realize that that may never happen, but it could. Neither the APD nor the sheriff’s department has done anything about the assaults, telling me that physical and sexual assaults are the norm.  The district attorney couldn’t care less.

I’ve tried numerous times to in good faith get some face time with the police chief and sheriff, only to be met with the sound of crickets.  Likewise, yesterday and today I have reached out and asked for comments from all of the accused agencies.  Not a peep, folks.  They’re hiding from me and that is funny, considering that I am no threat to anyone.

If you ever come to Albany, do not trust anyone with the APD or the sheriff’s office.  They are out to assault you, both physically and quite possibly sexually.  You are not safe in Albany!