WAS it his fault?

I’m angrier than a college student who just found out he was shafted out of three credits over this story, because rather than accepting criticism, the subject is whining and playing the victim.  Last week, I told you about Sammy Teusch, a little boy who committed suicide at the age of ten.

Now, the father’s come forward, crying and whining that so-called “trolls” are blaming him for his son’s death.  Well, it’s a valid question, I think: did he cause his son to kill himself?  The father claimed that he’s been getting messages that blame him for Sammy’s death.

I really don’t feel sorry for the father, Sam Teusch.  Instead of going to the media instead of shutting up, he goes and makes an ass out of himself in front of the world.

Little Sammy apparently was bullied, right up until the day he signed his own death warrant.  But rather than fight back like I did, he hid in his room and did himself in.  What kind of a loser does that?

There’s nothing to feel bad about here.  In my opinion, the father did play a role: he didn’t teach his son to be a warrior.

And that’s awful!

(There’s an update to this pathetic story.  Read it here!)