Yet another coward

I’m angrier than an Albany, New York Madison Avenue resident over yet another four-hour power outage over this.  Cowardly people anger me greatly.  Earlier this week, Sammy Teusch, 10, committed suicide and now we have another winner.

Flora Martinez, 12, of Las Vegas, is the next kid to pack it in.  Like Tuesch, she was bullied, but did nothing to stand up for herself, which is what any rational, logical person would do.  Her parents reportedly tried to pull their daughter out of her school, but that didn’t work.  After all, one mustn’t run away from their problems.

Apparently, Martinez had been bullied to the point that she clearly couldn’t stand it any longer.  Why didn’t she fight back?  Why didn’t she stand up for herself?  She put herself in a position where she had no choice but to commit suicide.  The so-called “bullies” aren’t to blame.  She is.

Martinez reportedly killed herself in her bedroom right before dinner.

As can be expected, her parents are pointing the finger of blame at everyone and everything else but their precious little girl.  No one forced her to kill herself and in my opinion, it’s foolish of the parents to play the blame game.  Their girl is dead and no amount of blame can bring her back.

To give you an idea of how little Martinez mattered to anyone but her parents, as of the time that this article was punished, the local newspaper of record, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, does not have the story anywhere on their homepage.

As for the kids who made her feel so destitute that she decided to take the coward’s way out, I don’t feel that they should suffer any consequences.  They didn’t force her to end her life, she did.  And anyway, kids will be kids.  Just shut up and move on, seriously!