Sammy Teusch: An update

I’m angrier than a feline fur parent over their cat constantly scratching up his sofa.  That’s because a story that I reported on last month has taken this long to be updated.  I like my updates fresh and fast.

There was a ten-year-old boy by the name of Sammy Teusch who last month committed suicide after supposedly being “bullied.”  There was an investigation into the kids who allegedly “bullied” him.  Well, a couple of days go, the edict was handed down, and it’s no surprise: the kids who stood accused will not face any sort of criminal charges.

First of all, how did he do it?  From the looks of things, he hung himself.  The kids have been criminally cleared, and that is as it should be.

Even if the kids did give him a hard time, that hardly rises to the level of criminality.  Now, if one of the kids physically handed the kid a rope, or even hung it for him and made it possible to kill himself, then that might be a different story altogether.

Look, kids will be kids.  They pick on each other.  It happens.  As a kid, I was picked on, and I paid it forward by picking on others.  It’s what kids will do.  That doesn’t mean it’s a criminal act.  It truly would be a legal travesty if authorities decided to charge his supposed bullies.

There was news floating around in a previous article that I wrote that Teusch’s parents were being harassed by so-called “trolls.”  There were questions as to whether it was the parents’ fault.  In that previous article, I stated my opinion that one thing his father failed to do was to raise his son to be a warrior.

Now, I can’t say for certain that that would have saved Teusch’s life, but it wouldn’t have hurt anything.  As for it being their fault, though, I really don’t think it was.  They couldn’t have known or stopped it, unless Teusch flat out told somebody he did was going to do it.  And that doesn’t appear to be the case, so in my book, they’re off the hook.

But the father shouldn’t have, in my opinion, gone to the media whining about it all.  He, in my opinion, should have kept it to himself.

Again, I was picked on (and I gave it right back to others who were innocent), and I’m still here.  I obviously never ran home and hung myself, nor did the thought of suicide ever even enter my mind.  What makes Teusch so special?

Nothing.  Get over it, people!