THEY should pay US!

I’m angrier than Cookie Monster without anymore cookies over this next story.  I always get angry when I read about black people demanding things that they don’t deserve, but this story takes the cake!

In Boston, black people are demanding, as if they have the authority to demand anything, $15 billion in…you guessed it!  Reparations!  In other words, they want something for nothing.  What makes things worse is that some White churches are actually consider giving them money!

One clergyman said that “every life is incalculable,” and that it’s not enough money.


First of all, black people don’t deserve a damn thing.  Second of all, they should be grateful that they’re even here.  Remember, it was our ancestors’ dumbass mistake plucking them off the trees in Africa.  They made a bad mistake even worse by feeding them bananas and bringing them over here.

If we hadn’t let black people into our otherwise great country, our crime rates would be a lot lower and there would be far less people lining up at social services for free everything.  Truth!

Black people should be paying us, not the other way around!