That’s what cops do: slaughter people!

I’m angrier than a gamer whose headset just died over this next one.  The police are supposed to protect us, but many of them assault citizens when it’s not justified, and, in some cases, a lot of them slaughter innocent victims.  So it is, I allege, in Rochester, Minnesota.

Olivia Flores, 18, was killed in a car crash that was reportedly caused by a state trooper by the name of Shane Roper.  Roper, who allegedly plowed into the vehicle in which Flores was a passenger as he made a left turn.  Numerous other innocent people were victimized by Roper, but they all survived.

Here’s what’s going to happen: Roper will never be held accountable, because pigs protect pigs.  He’s probably home right now, laughing at the innocent life he snuffed out.  I can only hope that, if he has a daughter, someone turns left and kills her.  Then we’ll see how he feels!

The fact that he wasn’t immediately fired and put into jail shows that Minnesota doesn’t care if its law enforcement officers murder people.  That’s what happened here, in my opinion.  Flores was murdered.