I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail over my decision to write and post articles about young children who committed suicide.  Some wonder why I did it.  Some demanded that I take the posts down before they get the police involved.  Sorry, folks, the police can’t do much other than to ask nicely for me to take the posts down.

Sammy Teusch, Flora Martinez and, in the future, other kids, are subjects of articles such as mine.  Why would I do something so cruel?  That’s the question some emails read.  Well, the thing is, it’s not meant to be cruel or mean.  It’s meant to call people out for not enduring to the end, as we are commanded to do in the bible. It’s meant to point out that kids need to man up, just like I did when I was bullied.

Speaking of bullying, Teusch’s parents are now whining that they too are being bullied.  What a pathetic thing to claim!  It’s one thing for a kid to bitch and whine that they’re being bullied, but grown adults?  Man up and fight back!  Don’t run to the media!

Anyway, I have no tolerance for weak people, no matter the age.  You see, these kids could have and should have fought back instead of slicing and dicing themselves, or however they did it.

Just like them, I was bullied in my younger years because I was really skinny and very shy.  At first, I just took the abuse, but I didn’t go home crying and whining about it.  I didn’t whine to mommy. I plotted my revenge. Suicide was certainly not on my mind, not at all.  Instead, I put my revenge plots into action, which is something that these kids apparently were incapable of doing.

How did I get my revenge?  One time, a kid fucked around and found out.  I grabbed her by the neck and I did so with such force that people heard it and saw the dent that her head left.  There are those who said I shouldn’t have retaliated physically, but I had an example to set.  I took her neck again and slammed her into her locker four more times, smashing harder each time I did so.  She begged me to stop, but I had two more in me.

I finally had enough and I let her go.  I had to deal with the consequences in the form of a three-day suspension, but when I got back, no one ever messed with me again.  A lot of the kids and I wound up in the same high school, and they left me alone.  My goal was accomplished.

Even to this day, I get revenge on one of the people who bullied me before I almost hospitalized that girl I told you about.  We live in the same city and I found out where he lives, with his wife and kid.  As recently as a couple of weeks ago, I went by his place of employment, found his car and slashed all four of his tires and his windshield.  Payback forever is my policy.

I have vandalized his car several times now and I don’t believe that he knows who’s doing it.  One time, I happened upon his youngest kid, who is six.  One time, I happened upon her at the park where I take my child sometimes.  As she walked by, I tripped her.  She fell to the ground and skinned her knees.  I told her to tell her daddy payback will never stop.

The point is this: I took action and I continue to do so today. I didn’t cry.  I didn’t commit suicide.  So I have no tolerance for kids who pull this kind of stunt.  Not only do I not have any tolerance, but I feel no sympathy for them or their families.

I do need to be honest, however.  Since some people are trolling this site just looking for similar articles, the only exception for me is when a young lady in my church committed suicide.  She was special to me and she had special circumstances.  She fought and fought.  These other kids clearly didn’t even try.  That’s the difference.  Plus, she had mental health issues.

Maybe I’m writing about childhood suicide because, in some small way, I’m still angry with her.  But the posts come from my heart and are an honest portrayal of my feelings.

As for the other kids, the ones that I wrote about, they killed themselves without even trying to just deal with it.  That, readers, is the difference and that is what both disgusts and angers me.

Those of you demanding apologies and that I take the articles down are wasting your time.  I have nothing for which to apologize nor will I take the posts down.

What are you going to do about it, commit suicide?



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