He didn’t endure to the end!

I’m angrier than a police officer without an innocent citizen to assault over this next story because it’s yet another example of kids not enduring to the end, something that we’re all commanded to do.  We see this in Matthew 23:13.

So it is in the matter of a young Indiana boy by the name of Sammy Teusch, 10.  Maybe he didn’t read that part of the bible.  Whether he knew it or not, he was going against God’s word by killing himself.  He really had no excuse to commit suicide.  Apparently, he was the target of bullying.  Well, yeah.  Some kids get bullied.  It’s called real life.

There was a time when I too was bullied.  Did I kill myself?  No, I stood tall and came back ten times worse against those who thought it was a good idea to bully me.  My way of getting back to them involved severe bodily injury and other cruel ways.  I came back against my bullies throughout the rest of our school days.  I never forgot and never did they.  Those of you who know me know just how cruel I can be.

I happened upon one of those who thought it’d be a wise idea to bully many years after the fact.  While he was away from his car, I smashed the windshield, slashed the tires (all four of them!) and broke his door windows.  I never forget, even twenty-five years after the fact.  I happened across his kid in the mall one day.  I put my foot out and tripped the kid, who faceplanted into the escalator.  Payback, bitch!

Did Teusch do what I did?  Nope.  Instead, he took the coward’s way out.

Why was he bullied?  Well, because of his teeth and glasses.  Looking at his picture, I can see why he got bullied.  Where were his parents in all this?  According to the New York Post, they were busy complaining to the school at least twenty times.

The school allegedly didn’t take any action.  They shouldn’t take any action.  Kids will be kids.  Did I go whining to my mother or the school?  No.  I got revenge instead.  That’s exactly what Teusch should have done but failed to do.

I don’t feel bad for the kid or his family.  There were so many ways that they could have handled this.  If the school truly didn’t take any action, then they should simply have taken matters into their own hands, just like I did.  I’m tired of parents like this who seemingly are more content whining and bitching rather than handling the situation.

Even to this day, many years after the fact, I handle my business.  I’ve been known to call in false police complaint, alleging child abuse.  I’ve also managed to get his power cut off and I’ve attacked his car on many occasions.  No whining, no crying, just cruelty.  That’s what Teusch and his parents should have done.  I don’t feel one bit sorry for them.

(There’s an update to this pathetic story.  Read it here!)