Oh, here we go again.

I’m angrier than a cat without a hot tin roof over this next story, because the story I’m about to tell you about goes way out of bounds of what’s reasonable.  A few days ago, I told you about a ten-year-old coward named Sammy Teusch, who committed suicide after being bullied.  Look, kids will be kids.

I told you about how, for a brief time, I was bullied at school, because I was scrawny and shy.  But I didn’t cave in like this snowflake.  I fought back, something which he was too cowardly to do.  When I did fight back, people –kids and adults– saw what I was capable of and big surprise: I was never bulled again.

I still live near one of those people who fu**ed around and found out, and, even more than twenty-five years later, I still key his cars, slash his tires, call in fake anonymous child abuse tips and trip his kid as she walks to school.  I don’t let up.  I stepped up.  Why didn’t Teusch step up?  Oh, right…he was a coward.

Well, things are getting ridiculous now.  It turns out that the kids who allegedly bullied him might now face criminal charges, just for doing what kids will do.  This matter is in fact now being treated as a criminal matter, according to police in Indiana.  This is just an attempt to placate the bloodthirsty public.  It is over-reaching and unreasonable.

There are a lot of things that need to be done before the police can declare probable cause and proceed to wreck the lives of children who in all actuality did nothing wrong.   Teusch was bullied because of his glasses and teeth.  Well, looking at him, I can see why he was bullied.  To be honest, I’d have bullied him, too, either as a child or as an adult.

There is a photograph in the article that I linked you to so you can see for yourself.  I am not posting the photograph on this site due to copyright law.  I don’t have the legal right to post his photograph, so I’ll leave it to the traditional media outlets to decide whether posting the photo is right for them.

Look, kids will be kids, especially in their younger years.  All this kid had to do was stand up for himself like I, and many others like me, did.  But he couldn’t even do that!  Instead, he took the coward’s way out and that’s how I think he should be remembered: a coward.

As for the kids, there really is nothing that should be done with or to them.  But if they’re going to punish them for just being kids, then limit the punishment to detention or writing an essay or something.  Putting them in the system is way too harsh.  They don’t deserve to have their young lives ruined before they start just for having some harmless fun.

(There’s an update to this pathetic story.  Read it here!)