Another DUI, another tragedy

I’m angrier than a drunkard who found a liquor store closed over this story.  That’s because drunken drivers enrage me.  There’s never an excuse to drive drunk, especially with friends, taxes and Uber.  Not that there was ever an excuse.

Two teenagers in Chicago found out the hard way that drunkards only care about themselves and not others.  They died because of the actions of an alleged drunken driver.  And of course, that accused driver probably doesn’t even belong in our country!

With a name like Taeyoung Kim, who is 21, you have to wonder if he’s here legally.  It appears that he hails from South Korea, based on a cursory background check.  If he is here illegally, anyone who had a role in his coming into my beloved America has blood on their hands today.  If he’s here legally, then we need to stop Koreans from entering our beloved country!

Indeed, Kim has some serious charges levied against him: aggravated driving under the influence causing death, reckless homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol.  That’s because, the accusations go, he drove drunk and killed, no, slaughtered Marko Niketic, 17.  His girlfriend, 16, was hospitalized but has since been released.

His girlfriend, who is not named in the article, suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, hematoma of the brain, a fracture of the pelvis vertebrae and hyper-density of the left frontal lobe of the brain with loss of consciousness and seizure due to the crash.  Kim almost ended her life and he, if the accusations prove to be true, has caused her untold pain and suffering, all because he apparently wanted to drive drunk.

I get it.  Kim was allegedly drunk.  But the other problem is his slanty eyes.  He might use the defense that because of his eyes, he couldn’t see the road.  Illegals will try anything.

The story goes that Kim and her slanty eyes drove 131 mph in a zone where the speed limit is 35.  Looking at his photograph, his slanted eyes tell the story, at least to me: he’s not sorry he did it, and this is all about him.  He doesn’t care about the person that he apparently murdered and about the person he allegedly almost killed.

According to a witness, Kim turned off his headlights and pushed his car to its absolute limits.  Did he care about others’ lives?  No.  Does he cared that a person is dead, allegedly because of him?  Absolutely not.  Does he need to be tried, convicted imprisoned, released and deported?  Absolutely!  This is what happens when we let illegals in our country.

This is what happens when we let illegals drive on our roads.  Ah, so!  Me so sobby!