Yeah, but does it matter?

I’m angrier than a midget who wants to go on a carnival ride over the fact that this is even news, but here we are.  It seems that there’s a county in Wyoming of all places where suicides have risen to the fourth highest rate in the world.

Over the past four months, over ten people, mostly youth, killed themselves.  And this is news why?  Does it really matter if people commit suicide?  It doesn’t affect anyone or anything.  Intentional overdoses seem to be the choice to make.

The coroner is calling out for help, but will anyone really care enough to help?  Suicide is a private matter and the person committing the crime (yes, suicide is technically a crime in some places!) has made their decision.  No one should help them, really, because it’s their choice to make.

Why should tax payers give into the coroner’s “demand” to do something?  It’s not the taxpayers’ fault that people in Wyoming are so pathetic as to go for a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  Just let the people do what they’re going to do and let that be that, right?

Society has better things to do than tend to a bunch of drama queens.