The incompetent APD!

I’m angrier than a can of Coke left to fry in the sun over this next one.  As many of my viewers know, I hate the Albany New York Police Department.  That would be due to my accusations of physical and sexual abuse on the part of APD’s officers and detectives, some of whom apparently like to stalk people. (Editor’s note added May 21, 2024: An update an the apparent stalker)

Well, now there’s a new reason to hate the APD.  It looks as if the department has gone woke on us, choosing to embrace illegals rather than kick them out of our city.  This is what the city of Albany does, readers.  They reward criminals.

(Photo courtesy: City of Albany) Police Chief Eric Hawkins told the local CBS affiliate the following:

“We were concerned about some of these migrants or asylum seekers being victimized or exploited, there was some concern about whether or not this would lead to increased crime in some of these areas.”

Chief Hawkins just admitted to the city and the world that in Albany they’re worried about “migrants or asylum seekers being victimized or exploited.”  Well, what fun is an illegal if you can’t victimize or exploit them?  Some of them are so stupid you can talk them out of their money with minimal effort.  I know this because I’ve been known to have some fun at the expense of illegals.  Again, what good are they if you can’t do that?

According to Hawkins, crime has supposedly decreased in the areas of the city where illegals are known to congregate, just like the cockroaches that they are.

The APD shouldn’t be coddling or protecting illegals, folks.  They should be arresting them and escorting them to city borders.  Send them next door to Colonie.  Send them to NYC.  Get them out of Albany!  It really is just that simple, folks.

Hawkins should be made to step down and go back from whence he came.  Under his leadership, Albany is becoming a sanctuary city, and that can’t stand.  Those of us who actually belong in America are the victims.  The illegals are getting everything handed to them and that can’t stand.

I have reached out to Hawkins’ office for comment, but that request was not received in time for this article’s deadline.  Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me.  He is a coward, and he hides his department, if you want to call it that, from accountability.

Despite numerous requests for a simple conversation, he will arrogantly not sit down and have a conversation with me about his officers and detectives, so why would he do something so simple as to offer a comment for this article?

If Hawkins won’t take out the trash, then we need to find a police chief who has the stones to get the illegals out of our city at any and all costs.  I’m tired of seeing them around the city and I’m appalled by their absolute refusal to learn English.  You can bet that if I went to a non-English speaking country, I’d learn their language.  It’s called common courtesy!

Now, if you want to express your displeasure as pertains to the way that Hawkins is handling illegals, then feel free e-mail your comments to, or call him to let him know what’s up at (518) 462-8013.

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