Was he even legal?

I’m angrier than a college student whose final grades still haven’t posted over this next story, and it should make you angry as well.  It turns out that there’s a terrorist who ended up killing people, but he did so with his car.  With a name like Moheb, he’s got to be a terrorist who was illegal.  And yet, here we are.

Moheb Samuel was the driver of a Tesla Model 3 that went airborne because the terrorist couldn’t maintain control of the vehicle, which was going at least 100 miles per hour a few days ago.  Not only did Samuel die, but just like the 9/11 pilots, he took people with him

Despite the fact that the speed limit was 35 mph, Samuel arrogantly, maliciously and intentionally ran a red light and narrowly missed hitting innocent people.  The passengers in his vehicle were not innocent, because they knowingly got into a car with a known terrorist.

His sister, Emily Samuel, 17, died, as did Ersom Fessmaye, Moheb’s best friend.  Gee, with “friends” like Moheb, Ersom didn’t need any enemies.  Stefan Pfeifer and Emerson Newquist, who survived, were also among the idiots who just had to have known they were getting into a car with an obvious terorist.  Why was Moheb Samuel even allowed into our country to begin with?  I’d really like to know!

Anyway, Bella Ramirez was yet another passenger and she too survived.  I’ll bet Newquist and Ramirez are both regretting entrusting their lives to a guy with a name screams, to me, “terrorist!”  I don’t feel sorry for any of them, because Samuel would likely have been involved with 9/11 if he were older.

Because of Moheb, people lost power, and because of that, he had numerous innocent victims.  Why should innocent people go without power because of Moheb’s little stunt?  Yes, the only true victims here are those who lost their power through no fault of their own.

This is what happens when you let an illegal who probably would have done 9/11 drive in my America!


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