I won’t let him win

I’m angrier than a Coke fan who realized Walmart is fresh out of Coke over what’s been happening over the past week or so.  I’ve been keeping you updated on an Albany New York Police Department detective who has been stalking this website.  I’ve told him several times to fuck off, but off he won’t fuck.

I said that if he visited my site again, I’d post an article that exposes him as, in my opinion, a man of poor morals.  Well, I’m doing so right now.  But despite being cleared by my attorney to post the article as written, I’ve realized that that would make me the smaller man.  He would therefore win.  Not going to happen.  Not again.  For a brief moment, it looked as if he finally got the clue, but he’s trying to goad me into exposing him.  But he visited yet again yesterday!

I’ve also realized that he’s trying to bait me into posting the article in its original form. If I did that, he’d win.  So guess what?  I’m going to take the article that I’ve written and remove some sensitive material that would have made it too easy for someone he arrested to find him.  I want to expose him, but I will not knowingly play a role in any harm coming to him or his family.