Now that’s hilarious right there!

I’m angrier than a cat who keeps falling off of the sofa, because nothing like this ever happens in Albany.  And trust me, it’s hilarious!  You see, a biker was on a memorial run to commemorate the death of his daughter.  Timothy Hoffman, 58, from Alaska, lost control and crashed.

The ride was to remember Cynthia Hoffman, was allegedly murdered by four teenagers.   Timothy, like a lot of bikers, wasn’t that bright and obviously forgot that physics applies to everyone and everything.  I say that because the dude wasn’t wearing a helmet.

This story is both hilarious and ironic.  Or, better yet, like daughter, like father.  What an idiot.  Oh, looks like I have a comment from Bugs Bunny.

Here it is.

It always amuses me when bad things happen to bad people, bikers in this case.  Bikers think they own the roads and then play the victim when they get hit.  Bikers all belong in prison because there’s not a decent person amongst them, in my opinion.

Let this be a lesson.  If you’re going to go rogue and be a biker, use a damn helmet!  His wife did and she survived.  Now some other dude gets to bang her.  Looks like he didn’t think this through.