The truth kind of hurts

I’m angrier than a Catholic who ran out of incense.  That’s because people are maliciously and intentionally misquoting the Pope by twisting his words around.  Pope Francis allegedly told bishops at a Bishop’s Conference in Italy to not admit homosexual seminarians, who are future priests.

That’s the common sense answer.  The Pope shouldn’t even have to say that.  But apparently some people are too thick-headed to understand or accept such a simple principle.

But then comes the part that people are up in arms about.  He was quoted to have said that seminaries have homosexuals there.   He’s then quoted as saying that there’s “too much faggotry” going on.  To be more specific, he reportedly said, in Italian, that there’s too much “frociaggin.”  Translated to English, if the reports are true, then he did indeed say there’s too much faggotry going on.

He’s right, to an extent.  Any faggotry is too much.  So, there should be no tolerance at all.

As a Catholic, do I have a problem with what he apparently said in a closed-door meeting that someone betrayed?  Nope.  I agree with him 100%.

In 2005, the Vatican said that the Church cannot allow gay applicants for the priesthood.

I have a hard time believing that he actually said what the conveniently anonymous report alleges that he said.  He’s a true leader and I really don’t think he’d use that word, even though most people wouldn’t find it offensive or inaccurate.  But, again, if he did use it, those comments were meant to be private and not disclosed to the world.  The Pope was betrayed big time.  Whomever disclosed his private words should be excommunicated.

And it bears repeating: he’s right.  And not to dive too deep into it, but homosexuality anywhere is too much and should not be tolerated, especially in the Catholic Church, the only true Church, the only one founded by Jesus Christ Himself in AD 33.

Maybe the reason people are so upset is because the truth hurts.  Homosexuality is a sin.  It’s a chosen sin.  One makes the conscious choice to be a homosexual, abandoning basic morality and societal decency.  However, these people are out there and the law says we have to deal them a certain way.

In response to the accusations, the Pope has apologized, but he has nothing for which to apologize.  He was right on the money.  If the snowflakes can’t handle it, that’s their issue, not his.

As for me and my house, I have no tolerance for these people, so anything negative that someone has to say about them is absolutely acceptable in my book, even if the Pope did say it.