To the heart of the matter

I’m angrier than an alcoholic who heard the Prohibition is coming back over this next one.  I’m angry because I’m tired of reading news stories where people bitch and moan.  It really frosts my cupcakes!

So it is with this story.  It seems that a fourteen-year-old boy suffered a medical emergency on an American Airlines flight.  An attempt to save him was made via an AED machine, but Kevin Greenidge was unable to be saved.  Medical emergencies happen, and unfortunately, when you’re thousands of feet in the air, you are kind of taking your own life into your hands.  That’s  just how it goes.

But what really makes me mad is that his mother, rather than accepting it and moving on, has seen it fit to, in my opinion, be greedy.  She’s filed suit against the airline.  She claims that the AED was defective and that the cabin crew was poorly trained and slow to respond.

After the incident, her attorney claims, the AED magically vanished into thin air.  No one could find it.  Where did it go?  Did a member of the crew hide it to keep it from becoming a greedy cash grab?  While that was the right thing to do, here in America,  it’s sue, sue, sue, greed, greed, greed.

The pilot and crew did everything they could.  They diverted the flight in order to get him medical attention, but it wasn’t meant to be.  But they acted in good faith and did the best that they possibly could under the circumstances.  But, again, in America, that’s never good enough.  The mother’s just a greedy pig, in my opinion.

Greenidge was a type-two diabetic and had asthma.  His legal cause of death was listed as “myocardial infarction,” or, as we all know, a heart attack.  It is rather rare for a teenager to have a heart attack, but that’s what happened.  There’s nothing that can be done to bring him back, and a greedy cash grab certainly isn’t helping matters.

What should happen, I say, is that the mother should shake hands, walk away and move on.  But, no.  Nothing’s good enough for her.  Apparently, it’s the airline’s policy to pay out $113,100 for a death on board.  Apparently, the mother hasn’t received that payment.

Her lawyer went on and on about “trauma,” but they should both just walk away.  I’m tired of greedy pigs trying to get a windfall payday.