A self-shot video!

I’m angrier than a reporter without his press credentials, because stories like this don’t pop up every day.  It is, however, an amusing story!

There’s video footage circulating around the internet that shows a teenager rapping while holding and recklessly waving around a gun with a green laser.  He put said gun to his head, and, well, you can imagine what happened next!  Oh, wait, you don’t have to imagine.  Here it is!  The Facebook Reels link was live, no pun intended, as of the time this article was published.  Just in case Facebook caves, here’s another link.

According to the New York Post, the teen in question was one Rylo Huncho, who apparently thought it would be a bright idea to point a loaded gun at his head.  He originally posted to his Instagram feed, but as you might imagine, the video is everywhere now.

There are some who say what happened was just a tragic accident, but if you look closely, Huncho deliberately turns off the safety and then points it at his own head.  He knew what he was doing.  It’d be bad enough if he were just showing off with the safety on, but given that he made it a point to turn the safety off, one has to wonder if he committed suicide in front of the entire world.

As can be expected, it looks like, to me anyway, that the dude’s mother is trying to turn this death into a cash grab, because a GoFundMe page was created to benefit her.  How greedy and opportunistic of her, in my opinion!  On the other hand, one less thug walking the streets is never a bad thing, so there’s that.