Beggars can’t be choosers

I’m angrier than a cockatiel with no mirror over this next story.  It always angers me when illegals are treated as if they have rights and privileges.  So it is with this story.  A bunch of illegals were kicked out of the hotel that they were living rent free (at our expense!) in because of a malfunctioning fire sensor.  They were sent right here to Albany County, at our expense.  That’s insulting enough.

But what’s really insulting is that instead of being grateful that they barged into our country and we, for some reason, allow them to stay, they are complaining and whining.

In order to make room for the illegals, decent people for whom the chips were down were rudely kicked out.  That’s just great.  Americans forced to make way for illegals.  Illegals shouldn’t have the right to breathe our air, let alone be in our country, county or city.  But our governments just don’t see it that way, and that should be enough to make anyone sick!

One illegal told the Times Union that all they want is “dignity.”  Well, what about our dignity?  Every illegal that walks in our county or city takes away the dignity of every American who, you know, belongs here.  Instead of complaining, the illegals should count themselves lucky that they aren’t separated from their children and kicked out.

Yes, kick the kids out too, but to add insult to injury, ship them in the direct opposite direction of where they send the kids’ parents.  Payback for being somewhere that they don’t belong.

These illegals shouldn’t even be here.  Our county and city governments need to man up and kick these ingrates out.   After all, only Americans belong, to live in permanently, in America.