Stupid is as stupid does

I’m angrier than a Smirnoff Ice drinker who walked down to the liquor store, only to find out that they were out of stock over the fact that stories like this don’t just come along every day.

High school students Rayan Alnasser, 16, and Zakaria Chaar, 15. died when they jumped off a bridge in South Carolina.  One apparently did it as a stunt and the other jumped in to save him.  It’s not clear which boy jumped first.  Neither one of them were really bright.  Who just goes ahead and jumps off a bridge?

First responders arrived almost immediately, but they shouldn’t have even bothered.  The boys’ bodies were found later, but only through the use of sonar technology.

Apparently, this all came about as the result of other kids daring whichever boy jumped first to do so.  Just because someone dares  you to do something, that doesn’t mean that you should.  The boys apparently never got the memo.

What was going on in this kids’ heads?  Who thought I’d be a bright idea to jump off a bridge for fun?  Who thought it’d be wise to jump in after the first guy?  Clearly, these kids had mental issues, because no rational, sane person would do what they did.

No, what happened here was not a tragedy.  It was hilarious!  Talk about taking a flying leap!  Splat!