Yet another reason to ditch iPhone and Apple

I’m angrier than a true American who sees illegals (show us your papers!) everywhere.  I’m angry with myself for not ditching iPhone sooner.  Late last month, when I left Spectrum Wireless for another and much better carrier, I switched to Android and the very attractive Motorola razr 2023.

I left iPhone (and sold my iPad!) for numerous reasons.  It seems as if they make emergency bug releases all the time, especially right after sending out a major upgrade.  Android phones simply do not do that!  And the bug fixes that they do are alarming, mostly having to do with security breaches that never should have existed in the first damn place.

So it is today with the release of iOS 17.5.  Numerous users are complaining that old photos and voice mail messages that they supposedly permanently deleted years ago are back.  And lots of users aren’t comfortable with that given that so many people take intimate photographs for and/or with their significant others.  By the way, this revelation comes at the exact same time that Apple’s beloved iMessage feature went down for most, if not all, users.

So what’s causing photos that were supposedly permanently deleted to magically reappear?  One industry website thinks it has its answer.

Mac Rumors wrote:

“The reports could [come] down to an indexing bug, photo library corruption, or a syncing issue between local devices and iCloud Photos…in attempting to fix a photo syncing bug that occurred in iOS 17.3, Apple…caused a new syncing issue to occur that may involve iCloud backups. Some users running iOS 17.5 developer beta 4 earlier reported similar experiences…”

What’s troubling is that people who took intimate photographs and thought they deleted them may find that those photographs are coming back to bite them.  I, like more people than they’d like to admit, am guilty of taking intimate photographs for and with someone, and I have to wonder if those deleted photographs have popped back up in my iCloud account given that I factory reset and sold my iPhone last week.

In a paranoid moment, I might even wonder if my photographs will resurface on the buyer’s phone, though that seems unlikely given that the buyer would log in with their own iCloud account.  I share this to point out that I, too, might be affected.

But by switching back to Android, having abandoned it in 2012, I have no problems because everything syncs to my Google account and that account is well-secured and I’ve not noticed deleted photographs reappearing.  The point is that whenever Apple puts out a fix, they have to end up fixing the fix.  That can’t stand.  My last iPhone model was iPhone 13 and having had my razr 2023 for several weeks now…well, once you go Android, you won’t go back.

I feel for the people whose photographs have resurfaced at the worst possible moment.  Having put up with all the rush-rush iOS bug fix releases, I’m never dealing with an Apple product ever again.  Stories like these only serve to tell me that I’ve made the right decision.