Loving the razr 2023

I’m angrier than a chair that’s being sat upon by a morbidly obese person over this.  I’m angry because I didn’t make the switch from iPhone back to Android.  I switched to a new provider and with that came a reasonably-priced phone.  I chose the Motorola razr 2023.  So far, I’m loving it.  Plus, I just ordered a case for it through Amazon and I paid extra for the shipping just to get it tomorrow.

First of all, the battery life is excellent for the most part.  I do notice a drastic battery drain when I access social media like Instagram and TikTok.  Secondly, it is so easy to import custom ringtones and, of which I have many and much. All you do is plug the cord, which is included with this phone, into your computer and hit the options for file transfer.

After that, you can click and drag ringtones (and for that matter, music!) into the proper folder.  And there you go!  It looks as if the phone is recognizing iPhones .m4a and .m4r file formats, which means that I won’t lose my music and ringtones that were installed on my iPhone.

Of course, if you don’t care about custom ringtones, there are plenty of included ringtones that come in a variety.  Just as with iPhone, you can easily assign ringtones to specific contacts. 

The phone is a flip phone and you can listen to music and continue phone conversations while the phone is folded, which makes things a lot easier for me.  Charging the phone is a fast task and you can purchase extra charger cords (USB-C) and blocks to charge your phone at work, church or wherever else you go,

There is a camera and a flashlight and you can opt into storing your photos on your Google account, which you will need to use the phone.  Your photos get backed up immediately, which means that even if you lose your phone, you will not lose your valuable photos.  I was able to transfer photos from iPhone to the razr by downloading an app.  You will be given instructions when you go through the setup process, which is quick and easy.

Overall, this phone was a good purchase.  I’m not sorry that I chose this one over a new iPhone.  You might want to keep this phone in mind if you like Androids.

I was slightly scared to switch back to Android, but so far, I have no regrets.