That’s going too far!

I’m angrier than a college student who’s still waiting for final grades to post over this next one.  That’s because two Orthodox Jewish children were seemingly assaulted by a as-yet-unidentified man in New York City.  Because the kids were dressed up in traditional Jewish garb, the police are investigating this as a hate crime.

My frequent readers know that I’m critical of Jews and that I just plain don’t like them.  But even I have limits.  This is beyond unacceptable, folks.  Regardless of my feelings towards them, I would never desecrate their synagogues, nor would I ever assault a Jewish person.

What this guy did is reprehensible.  Hopefully, he will quickly be identified, caught and prosecuted, but it looks to me as if he caught a break.  The footage is dark and grainy, so identifying him through facial recognition software probably won’t be successful.

What would possess someone to do something like this, especially to little kids.  Regardless of his feelings towards Jews, what this man, and I use that term loosely, did is horrific.  What else has he done?  Will he strike again?  People have a right to exist, no matter what their religious preference is, yet throughout history, many religions have been the target of discrimination and hatred.

Mormons, Catholics and Jews are the three most discriminated-against religions.  The Catholics have born the brunt of it and what the Mormons and Jews went through pales in comparison.  But that’s still no excuse to do evil things to them.  You can be like me…hate them all you want, but don’t do anything other than bitch online like I do.

Hopefully, the kids recover from this, but they’ll likely be emotionally scarred.  And all because of one prick.