Never get involved

I’m angrier than a blogger who’s running out of story ideas over this next news item.  I’m angry because I didn’t know that people this stupid are free to walk the streets.  You see, deep in the heart of Texas was an attorney who took it upon himself to get involved in a matter that didn’t concern them.

The story goes that a fast food customer was angry about his order and he was taking it out on the staff, yelling at them and abusing them and so forth.  The attorney in question, tried to calm the man.  Well, he messed around and found out.  He paid for his arrogance with his pathetic life.

The attorney and his alleged killer fought outside of the establishment, and that was when the alleged gunman whipped out a gun and shot the attorney twice.  The accused shooter fled and has not been found.  Of course, he will not be found and he got away with it.
It’s difficult to feel sorry for the attorney.  After all, he didn’t mind his own business.  Getting involved in affairs that don’t concern them can result in the death penalty, which is what happened here.  Apparently, this guy had a history of interjecting himself into the disputes of others.  That he avoided being shot up to this point is nothing short of a miracle.
The attorney’s fatal mistake appears to be shoving the purported gunman to the ground.  So, what we have here is a clear case of self defense.  The alleged shooter feared for his safety and life and was forced to put that attorney down like the dog that he was.
No, what happened to this guy was justified.  Had he merely minded his own business, he’d still be alive.  This is what happens to people who don’t mind their own business.  If, for example, I ran across local law enforcement in a medical emergency, I would stand idle and mind my own business, especially if interjecting would put me in any sort of danger. 
I don’t need to interject myself into others’ timelines after all.  If it’s foreordained that death is on a person’s timeline, I don’t have the right to alter the course of history.
Dumb people die.  Smart people who stay out of disputes that don’t concern them don’t die.  Too bad this guy didn’t get the memo.  This is proof positive that one can be an attorney and pass law school and the bar exam and still manage to be a retard.
No sympathy here.  Had the attorney not put his hands on the guy and caused him to legitimately fear for his life, he might be alive.  Had he not stepped in, he would almost certainly be alive. Texas is a stand your ground state.  This means that the gunman had every right to stand up for himself in the face of his life and safety being threatened.
I have reached out to the law firm for a comment.  As of publication, they did not immediately respond to my request.
Look, I’m the sort of person who wouldn’t intervene in anything.  I won’t get involved when an angry customer abuses hapless employees, not even if it gets physical and those employees stand in need of  help. I won’t even call 911.  Also, I don’t intervene in any situation that doesn’t concern me, even when my idleness could result in someone’s injury or death.  Not my problem.
That’s why I’m alive and this dumbass isn’t.  He may have been well-educated and professionally accomplished, but he was an idiot and he paid for this stupidity with his short life.  I hope it was worth it as he crumpled to the ground and died.  Had he just stayed out of it, or if he hadn’t threatened the accused’s safety by putting his hands on him, he’d probably be in his comfy office, lawyering.
Never get involved or you’ll wind up like that idiot.  In other words, fu*k around and find out!