They’re way too serious these days!

I’m angrier than an Android user who just found out an app that he needs is only available for the iPhone over this story.  I’m angry because some people just take themselves way too seriously and have no sense of humor.  So it is in Mississippi.

There’s trouble a-brewin’ at the University of Mississippi because a White pupil allegedly acted like a gorilla in front of a black person.  It was a harmless prank and it hurt no one who counts.  He shouldn’t have his life ruined over this, yet a bunch of vengeful blacks who forgot to that our ancestors plucked them off the trees in Africa and gave them the good life here.

How soon they forget!  Rather than have gratitude, they decided to be petty.  Now, the guy, who did nothing wrong, has been kicked out of his fraternity.  But that’s not enough for the hateful negroes.  They also want to ruin his life by getting him expelled from the famous university.
No one should be kicked out of school over something that caused no true harm. Was it rude?  I don’t think so, because what he did was accurate.  Black people literally descend from monkeys (just ask Google!), so he wasn’t wrong here.
There is a demand that the student should “seek forgiveness.”  That’s not going to fly, because he has nothing to apologize for.  He was in the right, and those who are speaking out against his actions don’t have a sense of humor, nor do they have a sense of what’s historically accurate.
Hopefully, the UoM realizes that this is merely a free speech issue and this hapless guy should not have his entire life thrown away just because a few colored people don’t have a, you know, sense of humor.
This story sickens me!