That’s no religion at all!

I’m angrier than a laptop user without a charger over the fact that there’s now at least one major religion out there that has decided to reward LGBT perverts with religious leader roles.  That’s because the United Methodists have decided that LGBT clergy is a-okay.

The move put an end to the religion’s longtime ban on LGBT clergy.  Now, it seems, they’re trying to appear woke and they’re trying to pervert religion.  It was 692-51.  At least 51 delegates got it and they were on the right side of history. The bible makes it very clear that homosexuality is a grave sin, so having LGBT clergy shows a lack of conscience.

This is beyond sick and it makes me glad that I was never a Methodist.  I would never accept a gay or LGBT priest.  You simply can’t have a homosexual or a tranny leading people spiritually.  It’s just sickening is what it is!

Thankfully, congregations can flee from the United Methodists, which is what every single one of them should do in order to truly follow God’s teachings.

Any religion that accepts or condones homosexuality or the LGBT nonsense is no religion at all.