It’s nothing to be proud of!

I’m angrier than a smartphone user without a charger.  That’s because today is June 1, the beginning of Pride Month.  Yup, this is the month that homosexuals and transgenders, along with other sexual deviants are rewarded for their sinful lifestyle.

While they do have the right to live as they choose, we as Catholics and Christians must band together and stand tall against the enemy.  Pride Month is disgusting with the rainbow flags all around and people are brainwashed into supporting the evil lifestyle.

Look, there are only two genders.  Male and female.  There can be no other gender.  Also, if you’re born a male, you should stay a male.  Born a female, stay a female.  Anything other than that is mocking God and God will not be mocked.

You can’t be a Catholic and a homosexual or a transgender.  It’s just that simple, folks.  There is no room in the Church for sexual deviants.

Protestants should also stand tall against these evils.  You really can’t be a true Christian and be in harmony with any true church.  The only religions who are accepting of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle are absolutely not true religions.

Homosexuality, transgenderism, and everything in between is a form of mental illness.  You’d have to be sick in the head to lead such a lifestyle.  There’s no excuse for that lifestyle and only a sicko would want to get involved in that.

Look, let those people live as they may.  But it’s absolutely vital that we do not give the lifestyle even a little bit of validity.  This is going to be an appallingly disgusting month, but we will get through it.