Brooke Merrell made a dumb move

I’m angrier than a true patriot who sees the American flag being desecrated over this next one.  It’s a bad time to be Brooke Merrell.  She’s the superintendent of Denali National Park, and she’s under fire for forcing workers to take down our flag because, she allegedly claimed that the flag distracted from the park experience.

For its part, representatives for the park have denied that she said what she supposedly said.  If she really did say what she’s accused of, then no patriot she.  Apparently, she made the move when she saw that numerous tour buses were going through.

I’d like to know why some people think the flag is a distraction or that it’s something to hide in shame.  Many people have fought and died for that flag, so people should be able to hang or fly it from anywhere they damn well please, thank you very much.

Although there is a dispute as to what really happened, one thing is clear: the American flag is nothing to put or hide away and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  If Merrell really did give the order, then she deserves to be fired immediately.