It makes sense if you think about it

I’m angrier than a monkey that’s run out of bananas over the fact that I get emails about this almost everyday.  Yet, here we are.  If you look at the upper right hand corner, you’ll see a drop-down menu that lists various languages.  These are the languages that, through Google Translate’s engine, you can go to if English is not your first language.

You’ll notice, however, that numerous countries are off the list.  This is not unintentional.  There are many countries that are not available to translate, at least through this site.  Why would I limit the languages?  Political reasons, mostly.

To name just a few, these are the countries that will never be recognized here.  Among those countries are:

  • Russia- Because of the Cold War, and because of Russia’s many threats to the Western world over the past few years.  Russia should still be considered an enemy.
  • Japan- Because of what they did to Pearl Harbor.  That can never be forgotten.
  • China- Because of their actions towards the United States, and because of escalating fears that they will target us in a nuclear conflict.
  • Mexico, etc.- They come to our country, unwelcome, and refuse to learn our language.  Why should I enable their language?
  • Hebrew- The language of the Jews, the people who handed over our Lord and Savior to be murdered.  Although they didn’t kill Him per se, they aided the Romans in His death.  Yiddish is also banned.
  • Vietnam- Because of the Vietnam War.

The list goes on and on.  I am aware that people can plug a page from this website into Google Translate themselves, but I won’t enable these people here.  So if you don’t see a major language, that’s very planned and extremely intentional.