Oh, those wacky North Koreans!

I’m angrier than a diabetic without his insulin over this, because we should have squashed North Korea like a bug a long time ago, but they’re still out there, potentially posing a serious threat to Americans.  But then again, they can’t seem to get their act together, so there’s that.

I speak specifically of Monday’s effort to launch a spy satellite.  That effort literally went up in flames.  The epic fail has been blamed on “an air blast issue,” according to The New York Post.  For its part, our government is fearful that these efforts a pretense for developing long-range missiles.

So far, North Korea has failed in all that it’s tried, but we should be more concerned with their allies.  For some reason, the country, largely cut off from the rest of civilization, seems to be intent on ruining our country and our people.

What did we ever do to them?  Nothing!

South Korea and Japan quickly came out to condemn North Korea for its latest little stunt.  Well, that is as it should be.  Hopefully, North Korea will continue to epically fail at everything it tries to do.  The rest of the world needs entertainment, after all!