Good on Louisiana!

I’m angrier than a fish out of water over this story because what’s happening in Louisiana is not happening here in New York state!  The state has just approved a bill that, if passed into law, would make the abortion pill a controlled dangerous substance.  They should have outlawed the pill to begin with, but this is a heck of a start.

CBS News has reported:

“The controlled substances designation typically occurs when a drug is considered addictive, such as opioids or depressants. It also enables states to track drugs and create a database of who’s receiving them, along with making possession of the medication without a prescription a crime. Under the legislation, pregnant women are exempted from prosecution.”


Maybe it’s not such a good start after all.  Women who get an abortion for any reason should absolutely be prosecuted, convicted and jailed for a exceedingly long time.  But again, it is a start.  Putting baby killers’ names into a database is a good thing, because those things can be hacked and the women, who I feel are murderers, can be exposed for what they are.

Prosecution could happen simply by having an abortion, which is banned in Louisiana. However, there should be absolutely no exceptions.  I don’t care about the reason; abortion should be outlawed with no exceptions.

The Catholic Church is the most vocal religion on the topic of abortion.  Most other religions that I know of also ban abortions except in very rare circumstances.  Again, in a perfect nation, there would be no exceptions.

We’ll have to wait and see if the bill becomes law in Louisiana, but hopefully other states will follow in its footsteps.