Somebody called 911!

I’m angrier than a Catholic deacon whose Catholic school students won’t quiet down.  I’m angry because nothing like this ever happens in the Albany area.  Sean Kingston is a famous musical performer, and one of his music videos was recently my pick of the week.

Well, as he’d put it, somebody called 911!  That’s because his home was raided by police and his mother was arrested. Allegedly, this has to do with non-payment for a $150,000 sound system as part of an alleged “ongoing scheme,” according to Daily Mail.

Kingston has been accused of screwing over a “tech company” out of money for a huge television and speaker system.  Arrest and search warrants were served and a fun time was had by all.  Kingston, whose real name is actually Kisean Paul Anderson, may or may not have been home at the time that all this went down.

His mother, however, was arrested on fraud and other charges.

Ver Ver Entertainment LLC is suing Kingston or Anderson for breach of contract and fraud, so it’s clearly a civil matter, but something had to have gone sideways for such a huge police presence.   Kingston allegedly promised to make “promotional videos” about the products but never did so, apparently.

Although Kingston paid some of the bill, he obviously did not.  Also, Kingston has a criminal history that includes apparent fraud charges for screwing people out of money, probably based on false pretenses.

If I’d known about this when I chose his music video for Fire Burning, which was my Pic of The Week, I would have chosen another video.  Therefore, I have decided to retract the review of his music video and remove it from search engines, especially given the serious nature of the accusations.  I don’t want an accused thief being lauded on my site.

It’s worth noting that his home is not actually his.  It’s a rental.  That makes sense because, although he’s a talented artist, he’s not that talented!

According to the police, Kingston has a history of trying to use his fame and talent as a means to convince people to give him things and then refusing to pay what he owes.

If all of these accusations are true, then Kingston is a scumbag.  A talented scumbag, but a scumbag nonetheless.