Excuse me, but where was an adult?

I’m angrier than a high school graduate who finally realized he or she is now in the real world.  That’s because there’s a tragic story out of Beaver County in Utah.  That’s because a toddler was declared brain dead after sliding into a river while he rode a toy tractor.  His mother absolutely came to the rescue, but, sadly, it was too little, too late.

The child, Levi Wright, was the son of a rodeo superstar Spencer Wright was able to make it to the river and drive into it while riding a toy.  I realize that his mother immediately responded and probably flew into the river.  She attempted to save her child’s life, and for that, she is to be commended.  But my question is: why did it happen in the first place?

If the child had been watched even more closely than he was given the mother’s quick –but not quick enough, in my opinion– response, he wouldn’t have gone into the river in the first place, again, in my opinion.  I obviously don’t know all sides of the story.

Every effort to save him was made.  When he was pulled out of the river, he was breathing, but he went downhill and was ultimately declared brain dead.

Now, I’m not calling anyone negligent, but it seems to me that if the child had been watched more closely, then this wouldn’t have been allowed to occur in the first place, or so it seems to me.

Where was an adult?  If I’d been watching over the child, I would have been watching like a hawk, and I would have been right there, given that he was playing near a river.  Had I been there, the kid wouldn’t have gotten in the river to begin with.

Why was little Levi allowed to play near the raging waters anyway?  Or at the very least, why wasn’t an adult right there, playing with him in the river, a lot more closely than he apparently was.  I mean, his mother had to have been at least somewhat watching him because of her quick response, but again, it wasn’t close enough, in my opinion.

It’s certainly a tragedy that this happened, and why wasn’t an adult right there?  That’s something only his mother knows.  This awful tragedy probably could have been avoided had someone been right there with him, or so it seems to me.  I can’t feel sorry for his mother.  It’s my opinion that she’d still have her son had she been right there with him, closer than she already was.

Let this be a lesson: when your child, especially a child that young, is playing near a river, in a pool, in the bathtub, or whatever. Go into hawk mode.  His mother will have to live with this for the rest of her days and I do feel bad for her in that regard.  The pain will never go away and I get that.  But again, could this have been avoided in the first place.

Do you want to put yourself or your child in the same situation?  No.  Watch them, especially when you’re near water or anything else that could be hazardous.