Well, that’s what she gets!

I’m angrier than an illegal who’s about to be deported.  That’s because stupid people make me very angry.  So it is in the matter of one Melody Randall from right here in upstate New York.  She fell for one of those gift card scams.  You know the ones, the ones that only a retard would fall for.

She was suckered in because she was told she’d get a massively good deal on her Spectrum bill.  Yes, Spectrum is quite expensive these days with surcharges out the wazoo.  That’s why we only have internet through them and an antenna to pull in local stations.  No surcharges!

Anyway, Randall here got a voice mail message that informed her that her promotional deal was about to end and that she could call “this number,” and not the Spectrum customer service number.  That was where she became an idiot.

What fooled her was that the person whom she called back knew exactly how much she was paying.  Since everyone’s bill is different, Randall that that the call was legitimate.  She was informed that she’d have to go get gift cards to the tune of $363.00 each.  Those cards, she was told, would be used to apply the discount.

When she came home, she was told she should tell the voice on the other end the access codes.  She was then informed that the gift cards were invalid.  She fell for it again and ultimately was out $6,000.

Randall told local NBC affiliate WNYT that she never thought a scam like that “would happen to me.”  Her arrogance is obvious.  As long as it happens to someone else, she’s content.  So arrogant is she that she thought other people would fall for it, but she wouldn’t.  And yet, here we are.

Spectrum says that this scam happen often and gave some common sense advice.  First and foremost, never call a number you don’t recognize.  Call them at the number listed on your bill.  Well…duh.  Spectrum will never call and ask for account or payment details.  You call them at the number on the bill and discuss it.

Randall got very little back, and law enforcement is investigating.  But she got scammed and got scammed hard.  It’s hard to feel sorry for her.  Surely no one could be so stupid as to fall for this scam.  Well, she is and she did.