Prepare for war

I’m angrier than an Amazon customer whose package got delivered to the wrong house despite being addressed properly.  That’s because the probability of World War III is ever increasing.  So it is today.  The Infographics Show released a video that explains how the bigger countries around Europe are preparing for the day when another global conflict becomes a reality.

The presentation starts with Poland, a country that has proudly been providing Ukraine with the necessary provisions to defend itself from Russia’s senseless and evil actions.  Ukraine was just sitting there, minding its own business when Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, decided to attack the innocent country out of nowhere.

The video discusses various European countries in greater detail and rather than repeat what’s been discussed, I’ve linked you to the video so that you can learn for yourself.  The video lasts about twenty minutes.

When World War III breaks out, and it’s a when, not an if, European countries will likely be wiped out in a matter of an hour or two.  That’s just simple geography.

So the question is: when will World War III break out?  With the unrest in the Russia-Ukraine war, it’s only a matter of time when Putin will go off the deep end and nuke the hell out of a country that didn’t do anything to anyone.  Could WWWIII happen this year?  It’s possible.  But America is not in the clear.  Things are bubbling over to the point that we might very well enter a second civil war.

There’s not much we as Americans can do to prepare except try to build an operational bunker filled with provisions for weeks and maybe even months as we wait for the radioactivity to drop the point of habitability.

Those of us who don’t have the necessary resources will pretty much be left to our own devices, and that could mean less than instant death by vaporization or a prolonged and painful death to due to burns and/or radiation poisoning.

Those who are vaporized will be the lucky ones.  For them, there will be no suffering.  They won’t have to live in a world where everything is gone: sanitation, drinkable water, edible food, the economy, the internet and the list goes on and on.

It is well for European countries to recognizing that WWIII is nigh.  How nigh?  As Enya would put it: who knows?  Only time.